This is SO COOL!

Was checking my sitemeter thingie, and noticed an inordinate amount of hits from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Israel, Austria...
I only know a few People from Europe, but they all live on the same continent I do!
Turns out these wonderful people have found my crochet tutorial, and it's been linked to through here:

What looks to me to be a beading forum. ( I believe it's written in Russian, but I'm not sure...)


If you would have told me, 10 years ago, that I would have created a beading tutorial that would have been helpful to beaders across the world, I would have scoffed at you! ;)

This has inspired me to create a whole section on this blog, aimed at tutorials only. I think it would be a fantastic way to share with the beading community.

To the ladies who've been linking:
danke, merci, dziekuje, spasibo

(and if there are mistakes, blame it on these guys!)



Not Ashley said…
Very're an international inspiration.
Dino aka Katy said…
that is very cool indeed. you are global now!
The Lone Beader said…
Awesome! And, aren't blogger tools GREAT??

(BTW, did you see my Russian interview?? Click where it says 'English Version' next to Rudy in the left column. :)
Jewels said…
It would seem so M! It would seem so.

It makes me smile like you wouldn't believe.
Jewels said…
LOL! Global. That's me, miss International beader. LOL!
Jewels said…
Diana, that was a fantastic interview. I have a feeling this is just the beginning. You're gonna be in great demand lady!
Jewels goes global!!!
That's not a beading forum Jewels, it is a "Russian Bride" site...
sylvie said…
Merci beaucoup ! grâce à vous j'ai réussi à crocheter mes premières perles ! Vous pouvez venir voir sur mon blog si vous le désirez .
Thank you very much! Thanks to you I managed to pick my first pearls! You can come and see on my blog if you want.
JJ said…
Thanks for doing more tutorials. I'm excited about the next lesson!
girl of fall said…
Hi, is Russian craft forum, they talk about sewing, beadwork, knitting and other craft things.

By the way, I was checking my website's stats and I found a link to my website from this page, that's why I came here
I'm an owner of :)
Jewels said…
Look at these comments I didn't even know were here! :(
I'm not rude, I swear! LOL!

Merci Sylvie, quel bel ouvrage sur ton blog. Je suis bien contente que tu aies réussie avec le crochet. C'est addictant, non? ;)

Thanks JJ. All my tutorials will now be found on the "Perle Sauvage" blog, you can find it on my profile page. Glad you liked it.

Girl of Fall, Spasiba! (spelling? lol!) I have found that club Osinka has been the most popular link to my crochet tutorial. I think I'll have to learn Russian, just so I can go thank all you ladies!


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