The Sabrina cuff (sort of a recycled post...)

A few years back, I constructed this lovely textured cuff for a lovely young lady named Sabrina. Sabrina and I met at the gym, she was one of my first students. She just also happens to be a hair stylist extraordinaire, with much, much flair, and has been making me pretty for almost 3 ears now. ;)

On occasion, we'll exchange services, where I'll get a kick-ass haircut, and she gets some jewelery! Who could ask for anything more!?! On one occasion, after a full head of foils, and a fantastic cut, we got down to the business of designing a special piece for her. She wanted a bracelet, but couldn't find anything she liked in my 'reference' book. (Whenever I find something inspiring in a magazine, I cut it out, and paste it into this scrapbook I have - and they're all organized by item too: necklaces, bracelets, earrings... ) And she liked some of the necklace styles, but doesn't wear necklaces. She kept pointing to a particular one though, and said she liked that design a lot. "Do you think you could make something like this in a bracelet?" she asked... "I don't see why not." We picked the beads and hardware, I took her measurements, and I got to work.

I started with a netted base, which I then surface embellished with a short hematite bead fringe. I sneaked in a few hematite stars in there too, figuring it would be a cute, personal surprise for her. I figured she'd like the hidden stars, seeing as she's got 13 (yup: 13!) of them tattooed on her body. (these 13 are accompanied by various other body art.)

I love the clasp on this piece. It cheeses me off that I can't find another one anywhere. I got it at an L.B.S., but they don't carry it anymore.

When I gave Sabrina her cuff, she was one happy camper.
I was so happy when she opened the box and said :"Oh it's gorgeous!! It's exactly what I wanted!"

I love those moments:

It's a popular design, and although I have a feeling it would be a good seller, I haven't made many, since every time I've made one, it's taken me FOREVER to finish it. It's not difficult by any means, it's just that the details are very time-consuming. I've been wanting to make one in pearls. Cute little button pearls.

I just wish I could find more of those clasps!


Not Ashley said…
love that cuff...does it also come without the stars? LOL!
Dino aka Katy said…
ohh how pretty. PS I love the set Jin gave me its so cool. Thanks
LJ said…
This is the classiest design in the world. I love it, Jewels!
Anonymous said…
the stars are a nice hidden surprise
pencio said…
J'aime beaucoup ton bracelet et ses frou-frou !
Jewels said…

You know darn well it does missy! ;)

*Maria has her very own version of this bracelet, sans the stars... LOL!

Thank you Katy. Which one did she pick? I'm glad you love it!
Jewels said…
Hello LJ

Have you been practicing your bead crochet yet? ;)
Thank you, I do like the design. But it's a pain to make, very 'tangly'.
Jewels said…
Hello Day by Day, and welcome!

She did like them a lot. I like to add little touches to pieces like that, especially when they're custom ordered. Makes them that much more personal.

*Nice stuff on your blog BTW!*
Jewels said…
Merci beaucoup Pencio.

J'ai vue aussi beaucoup de belles choses sur ton blog. Merci d'être venue.


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