Not newly made, but newly photographed

I made this piece wayyyy back in May, right before Mom came down for Mother's Day weekend. It's based on a pattern for the "Diagonal Lines" Brick Stitch bracelet that was once featured in the 2003 August issue of Bead & Button.
I adapted it to a longer strip, and only embellished on the bottom edge, which gave it a nice natural curve. I used a SS 4-prong slide clasp, and Mom LOVED it! :D

Sits nicely, right at the base of the neck.

Cubes, 2mm firepolished crystals and 15/0 Charlottes in bronze metallic A/B.
The cubes required a LOT of culling due to their irregularities in length, and lots of chipped corners. I've tried these with the Japanese cubes, and they still required quite a bit of culling.

Another piece I made a while back was a custom order, after the customer saw my bracelet samples for the ANPT article I submitted. I must say, it turned out quite nicely. The only problem was that the resulting bead-knit fabric tended to loosen up and the choker would start to droop right below the neckline. Nothing a little black cotton lining couldn't fix!

A mélange of both regular and Charlotte cut size 8/0s in gunmetal grey with a 5-prong SS slide clasp.
So, there you go, a little newnes in the eye candy department. :)
Hope you like them. Let me know what you think of the knit choker, that's all my own, and I'm pretty proud of that. :D


LJ said…
Wow. That choker is to die for! And I laughed when you said it started to droop at the neckline. I spent 8 hours working on a fire-polished choker the other day - only to have unfixable buckling in the center when I tried it on. Geez! These are great pieces Jewels.
Canadian women are hot!!
Jewels said…
Meh! Us poor perfectionist artists, eh? ;)
I guess it's all part of the gave Linda, especially for those of us who like to experiment with our own ideas and such... LOL!
Jewels said…
Hi Phos
Yes, yes they are! :D
Jewels said…
Of course, I meant game, not 'gave'... *rolls eyes*

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