Show me a beader, and I'll show you a bent needle...

I can't believe the torture I put my needles through. A (non-beady) friend once asked me, quite curious, if I had to get my needles anywhere special. I asked why? she said "I've never seen one bent like that..." LOL!

Oh, of course, I've started playing again. Must be all the newly found space around me, as more and more of our prized possessions are packed away for safe moving. And I did just finish a piece for an anklet swap I participated in. I was inspired by Rachel Nelson Smith's "Ootheca Cuff". Sadly, though she is one of the best beadweavers I've seen come along in a very long time, I can't afford the asking price for miss Nelson's kits or patterns, they're quite dear ($190 for the kit? YOWZA!), so I had to reduce myself to studying a photo of her Ootheca design for a bit, and subsequently adapted the design to my own idea, surface embellishing two base rows of 4-bead RAW, embellishing alternate segments with Tubular Peyote and Lattice Weave.

I used bronze metalic iris beads in both 11/0 and 15/0, and some lovely bronzey freshwater pearls as accents.

I like it. Very substantial.
Doesn't feel flimsy at all.

I just hope my swap partner likes it as much as I liked making it. I'll be making more of these, but it won't be too fast, seeing as it took me a good 4 hours to finish. :/


Jenn Maruska said…
I think it's lovely! I bet your swap partner will LOVE it.

I like the colors you used very much.

: )
Beautiful!!! I could never do beading as I have an innate fear of needles.
The Lone Beader said…
Haha! I almost took a picture of MY bent needle and posted it today! LOL. Maybe next post... we'll see! :D
Christina said…
I am working on the Ootheca Cuff kit right now. And yes, the price of the kit was a shocker! I feel like I've been working on it forever, but it's coming along. I really love what you made and the colors are wonderful. Your swap partner is very lucky!!
framboise said…
lol ! pour ton aiguille ! je pense que nos aiguilles doivent être taillées dans des roseaux !
Et bravo pour ton bracelet, il est superbe !xw
Gnat of Glass said…
I want to swap a pumpkin for some of those rings about 3 post down.

It is kind of like catching up on a show you have been tivoing for a month of sundays finding you blog again.

Jewels said…
Oh goodness, where have I been????
I'm so sorry folks, we've been in the midst of moving of moving into our new house, and it's consumed my every moment!

Jenn, thank you so much, my partner contacted me as soon as she got it, and informed me that she hadn't taken it off since she got it. Yay!
Jewels said…
LOL Phos!
M'kay, you're afraid of needles, but not phosgene? Hmmm... something ain't right there mister. ;)

And thank you. I'll have to make more of these.
Jewels said…
Diana, I bet my needle is more bent than yours! ;)
Jewels said…
Christina, this anklet took me a good 6 hours to complete, I can only imagine how the double sided cuff would take DAYS to finish.
Are you sick of it yet? :D

And thank you Christina. My partner liked the colors as well. Well, she picked them actually, LOL!
Jewels said…
Je suis complètement daccord avec toi Framboise. Tu devrais voir quand j'ai finie avec les bagues. Oh là là, c'est comme une lettre cursive. *rire*
Jewels said…
Oh, Gnat, anytime!
How many do you want, what size, and what colors?
Email me mister, and we'll work it out.
Regal Beads said…
lol @ the needles!!
the anklet is gorgeous (and i've found a new fav blog! ;) )
Jewels said…
Thank you Kim, and thanks for stopping by :D
I've had a look at your work, quite lovely!


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