I have a problem. I have too many U.F.O.s (UnFinished Objects) kicking around. The problem is in their design. They're missing important components needed to finish them.

For example, this first one I started this past spring, and I haven't been able to find just the right clasp for it. Well, I did find a lovely sterling silver leaf pattern toggle that might suit it, but I still have to figure out how to finish the ends on this rope. I suppose I could also go the hand-woven route, and make some lovely Peyote end caps, with a matching toggle. At this point, what I think is stopping me is TOO MANY IDEAS! ;)

Still needs a bit more embellishments within the rope itself.

I just love the look of Mabé clusters.

The next piece is a lariat, inspired by one of our ice storms this past winter. I wanted the piece to be branch like, and the end is meant to look like an ice covered branch. I ordered a custom lampwork bead for it, but am still waiting on that. (My lampwork artist got herself a day job... :(... LOL!)

I'd like to design this piece as if it was going through a Spring metamorphosis, like when you see branches or plants, still covered in snow and ice, but they're little flowers and leaves still find a way to peak through.

I thought it looked pretty neat.


BeadKnitter said…
They're both beautiful! I love the way you did that second one. It does look like ice.

I know how you feel. I have projects like that too. Almost done, but waiting for inspiration. The burden we artists bear. LOL!
LJ said…
Oh whoa is us, huh? I have a drawer full of almost-a-good-idea stuff. Or, like you, stuff that just needs to be tucked away until that final idea comes.
Both these pieces are lovely...and I hope your lampworker gets a minute soon!
LJ said…
that would be "woe" is us. Geez!
Jewels said…
thank you bead knitter.

Yeah, I have drawers full. But at least they're organized! ;)
The fun part with all this packing and discovering long lost UFOs is that my interest in them is now renewed.

Strange how we can start something we absolutely love, then completely forget about it when we can't get it finished, and it gets tucked away.
Jewels said…
Linda you crack me up! :D

Yes, woe indeed... Oh woe is me. I have too many beads, and soooo little time. ;)

Yeah, not seeing my friend having the opportunity anytime soon. Unless she quits her day job! LOL!
Ace said…
I really like that branch one! I think the effect is marvelous. Will the little pokey-through things be colorful bead clusters?

(Says the guy who is still writing his novel, pushing two years...)
Jewels said…

"little pokey-through things"?

I'm assuming you were still talking about the ice piece. Well, I'd like it if I could make one side look like it's still in a frozen state, thaw slowly emerging, and the other will be all Spring-like, and full of light greens and pastels... What do you think?

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