Sleeping Beauty

Well, the latest I've just completed. See, I started this one in May, I think... And it's taken me until now to finally get the 'beading' feeling back. Truly, I haven't felt the desire to create anything beady in what seems like ages, and I'm doing my darnedest to get back to it. I think I've pin-pointed the origin of the slump to when that lady had placed an order with me for the museum, and then just backed out of it after I'd completed a whole collection of Lentil Twist bracelets and Pearl Blossoms for her. I was then left with about 20 each, and a broken heart. Not to mention a deflated ego. :( Ah well, live, learn, and pass it on: Get everything in WRITING! Less chances of folks reneging on their order...

I've done something a tad different here. Instead of leaving well enough alone, I had just finished this necklace base, when some silver leaf charms that were sitting on my table caught my eye. A frantic search for some 11s to add to the design, and I was off to the races. I call this piece "Sleeping Beauty", as it reminds me of what the surrounding greenery would have looked like after Sleeping Beauty's 100 year slumber, like the leaves has been sleeping with her this whole time, and had petrified into silver.

Not the best shot, but a good idea of the counter balance fringes at the back.
Hey! It's hard enough taking self-portraits, try taking one behind your back! LOL!


MeHereNow said…
Really pretty ... as usual!

I hope you get your beading back it a true talent that should be shared and admired.

BeadKnitter said…
Wow! That necklace turned out beautiful. A nice use of mixed textures.
The Lone Beader said…
Wow! Beautiful necklace! I really like how it turned out!
Jewels said…
Thank you Dawn.

I actually took some time to sit, and bead today. It felt good. Not quite there yet, but it'll come. :)

Thanks again.
Jewels said…
Thanks BK!

I like playing with textures actually. I found the big beads sort of got lost in the fluffy yarn, but you can still see them.
It's like some sort of posh scarf, lol!
Jewels said…
Thanks Diana.

It's different, and soft and warm. :)

I keep looking at it though, and now I'm thinking "It needs something more..." lol.
jin said…
So unique...
just like you!!!
Jonara Blu Maui said…
This is beautiful..and looks so soft to wear. I'm glad you are getting your beading mojo back..I understand how upsetting that must have been to have that woman pull out after all of that work.

When I am commissioned to do anything I always get at least a 50% non refundable deposit before I start the work. That was a lot of work she asked you to's not fair to you. I have done many many weddings and have even done a couple of very large corporate gifts orders..people don't complain about the deposit..they almost expect it.
Ace said…
What a lovely piece!

Use a mirror to take the back pictures. :)
Beautiful neck, but the necklace looks itchy...
Jewels said…
Thank you Jinny!
Just like me! :D
Jewels said…
JBM thank you; oh and it's soooo soft to wear, feels like a very posh fuzzy scarf! ;)
And yes, it was a lot of work, but, like I said, live, learn, and pass it on... I'm one of those trusting people, who believes in seeing the good in everyone, but once you show me your bad side, I'll never forget it. (you only let a dog bite you once!)

I now have a perfectly good contract/agreement written up, and do ask for deposits (after being burned one too many times with custom orders where the customer just up and vanished...), and it's a %50, non-refundable deposit, or nothing. That way, I know they're serious.
Jewels said…
Ha! Ha! Phos, you're so funny!
Actually, like I was telling Jonara, it's quite soft, not an itchy stitch in sight! :D
Gnat of Glass said…
Ok quicky comment on the Neckless....WOW@!

Second Quicky:

The Glass Pumpkin Contest is a go!

2 Glass pumpkins up for grabs this time.

A red stripe cup

and a couple mystery prizes.

You know I just realized I might have to get all my creative friends to "donate" a piece of art and we could have one seriously huge contest! Piece of Glass, a Beaded piece, some pottery, etc..etc..humm....intersting.

Anyway, check it out. You already one once so you already know how it works.


Albina Rose said…
Thanks for your comments on my blog! I absolutely love this necklace and the name is so perfect for it. Your work is absolutely beautiful!

Lindsey Fair said…
that's such a cool connection of different materials.
Jewels said…
Merci Sylvie, and thank you for stopping by as well :)

Your work is positively inspired!
Jewels said…
Lindsay, Hi!
Thanks for stopping by. Made any new pieces lately? I thought of you today actually, I was emptying a box in the kitchen, and found a mason jar full of beach glass :)

And thank you. I like to mix different textures and colors, keeps things interesting
Rebekah said…
This is a really amazing necklace, I love your blending of two textures with the yarn & the silver. Very unique!

Thanks for stopping by my blog & for your comments!

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