Staying in and [trying] to keep warm

Yes, it is officially Winter in good old Niagara Falls! Darling Husband had been tracking this storm on the weather network, keeping a close eye on the radar and satellite images looping over and over. We could see the mass coming our way, and knew we would be in for a bad one. They were calling for 20-30 cm of snow, winds of 50 to 70 km/hr, and, well, we all know just how cold it gets, no need for thermometers for this one. I believe we got closer to around 55 cm ( 18")

Ah, but I've been a good little Rat, and after stocking our pantry up for the last few weeks, I wasn't too worried at the prospect of being stuck in the house for a few days. What I HAD'NT thought of was the possibility of a power outage. Actually, neither of us had thought that through... Good thing I've got a steady stash of candles, and no shortage of lighters! Didn't hurt that we had access to a generator through one of D.H.'s friends either. ;) I was pleased that Little Highness, warmly cocooned in her favorite blankie, napped through most of the outage, which, luckily for us, lasted only a bit over 2 hours. But her reaction at the sight of so many "COOL CANDLES ALL OVER THE PLACE" upon her awakening was just as stressfull as dealing with the outage itself. No worries, I never left her side. Even carrying the candle myself to accompany her to the loo once or twice. For a 7 year old, there's strength in numbers where darkness is concerned!

In the beginning!
What we are looking at here is my back neighbor's backyard, which opens up to the main street, which is practically cloaked from the snow. Cars (yes, there were a few nuts out there) are moving at a snail's pace, but for a few idiots that didn't seem to think that slowness = carefulness in these types of weather...
Around 10:00 am when this shot was taken. I've wisely decided to keep L.H. at home after seeing the advisory that all school buses were cancelled. Schools were open though, go figure! But it didn't take them long to start calling parents to come pick up their kids. L.H. was disappointed, having some really cool presents to gift to her bus driver and teacher, but, after I explained the safety issues of traveling down the streets when even the bus drivers didn't want to take chances, she understood. Actually, I think what made it acceptable was the fact that our neighbors, R and S, were also staying home and would be coming by for a pre-lunch visit. Well, it looks pretty, but I must admit, I was glad the neighbors were coming over to OUR place, and not the other way around. Even if they ARE just two doors down...

We were all quite impressed with this squirrel's intestinal fortitude, to brave this kind of weather for the sake of a nut! Those tails are a cool design feature eh? I couldn't help but notice its ingenuity at using it for coverage. It kept blowing in the wind mind you, but squirrely kept re-propping it back over its head.
Picture this: Jewels trying to snap a photo, surrounded by two young ones squealing "Oooooh, look at de cute widdwe puffy wuffy squirrel! Oh, mommy, can we let it in? It looks soooo cold!" Oy! Did my mom have to put up with that nonsense????
(DON'T answer that!)
The steps to the back walkout have officially disappeared to leave behind the coolest slide in the neighborhood. We'll let the kids go first, you know, to test it... ;) Perhaps knowing that the steps have a 10" lift will give you more of an appreciation at the amount of snow we'll have to clear off of them.

I just found this to be a rather neat shot. Love how the bush looks with the snow falling through the spaces there. Reminds me of coral.

Little Higness after waking from her nap.
She lurrrrrrrrved the candles everywhere. Don't you just love her slippers? She asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told her I wanted a pair just like them. Well, in style, not necesarilly color. Not sure I'm a polka dot kinda gal, but I wouldn't be averse to the lovely black cable-knit ones I spied at La Vie En Rose....

Lucky for us, the power outage [caused by a felled power line] didn't last too long. The furnace kicked back on just short of us being able to see our breath IN the house! Well, at least we had plans B and C to implement had we needed to, but, I'd say we were pretty lucky. You know? It made me think: Would I prefer a power outage in the summer or winter?
It WAS cold enough that any and all perishables might have been stored outside, and would have kept, but we might have gotten frostbite in the house, regardless of the mountain of blankets we had! Whereas in the summer, you may lose a whole lot of food, but you certainly wouldn't be exposed to hypothermia... Food for thought, eh? I think I'd take a long power outage in the summer over a winter one.


Should have harvested the squirrel's pelt to make a warm coat and the teeth would have made some interesting beads!!

Glad you all are alright. Beyond me why people live in the Great Frozen Nation to begin with. Must be the year round hockey.
cinderelly said…
definately power outage in the summer! we had a three days of power out during a winter windstorm one year and it was just awful. we have had more snow days in a row than we have ever had since we lived here (former california girl)
Jewels said…
Phos, that's probably something my dad would have done... I'm not kidding actually. I know for a fact he' gone through the trouble of collecting a few weasel pelts, and squirrels aren't far off weasels, are they? ;) and you're right about the teeth. they WOULD make great beads! ;)

I don't know why we stay in the great frozen nation. Well, three out of four seasons aren't so bad, and I guess we're pretty lucky we don't get those tropical storms, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes here. Well, not so much anyway...

and for the record, I'm not so much of a hockey fan. My dad? Oh boy! When there's a hockey game on, he's stay up late! ;)
Jewels said…
I'm with you Cindy, a summer outage it is! Actually, I remember a few years back, there was a huge blackout in the Toronto region. All those candles must have brought on the romance, 'cause nine months later, there was a gigantic baby boom. I'm not kidding! LOL!

Um, I don't know how I would fare for 3 days without power in the winter. I believe I would have to find an alternative, and, say, crash at my friend's house or something.(And hopefully she's have said power... LOL!)
Concha said…
Oh my, I thought I was cold!!!
LJ said…
Jewels. I went to Facebook and...
where ARE you?

Thank you so very much!!! I got your package and I am touched by your warmth and kindness. I am for once, almost left speechless by your kindness.
Nick the Saint said…
Χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα

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