What have I been up to...

I've been up to so much, I can't keep track with myself!
I had my second annual Christmas Posh Party Wednesday night, and it was wonderful! Using my newfound networking tools, I figured I'd invite quite a lot of ladies, so that I would meet my criteria. Here's the formula I learned. If you invite 100 people, 30 will say "YES!". Of those 30, you'll probably get 1/3 who actually show up. That's %10 attendance. I did one better than that, I reached %15! :D (of course, I WAS aiming at %30, but hey! I done did good!)

So, out of my 61 invitees, 9 showed up, and shopped, shopped, shopped! I was impressed with these ladies, they liked what they saw, and weren't afraid to tell me! :D Have I said it was awesome yet? 'Cause it WAS!

Sonia, Sheyla and Laura gabbing away. You'd think these ladies would run out of things to chat about, since they all work together, but Nooooooooo.
A bunch of chatty Cathys they were! ;)

The other young lady who's back is facing us was my lovely assistant Selena, who did a fantastic job of tabulating everyone's receipts, and kept a fantastic account of everything.
Methinks she'll be hired again come next Posh Party.

Barbie got Bagged!
No! Not like THAT!
I didn't serve ANY alcohol at my party!

My pretty tree made an appearance again this year.
And Edith, my house, loves it when all these folks come visit her!

What a fantastic find this was. I had been searching high and low for the perfect display unit for my earrings, and 'lo and behold, one simple trip to Winners, and voilà, I found it! Well, two of them actually! :) But I only put one up for now, since my office isn't finished, and these will be on permanent display in my office for when my customers come over.
I also found another similar table-top piece which will come in handy for out of office showings, as it's the exact same design, but more along the lines of a 'cage'. I should really have photographed it to show you... Ah well, next time!

Isn't it neat?
The earrings hang perfectly on the wires, and those little saucers at the back hold tea lights, which were lit for the party. And no, neither the flames nor the heat affected either the pieces or the wall. It's perfect I tell you!

My new lines of Pearl Blossoms pendants and earring sets were quite popular, which pleased me to no end. Even my new crocheted scarves were a hit! I'm well on my way to a good wholesale catalog, which I hope will launch me on my fantastically successful jewelery making career. ;)


Where's the bikini? Cool way to display your stuff - the wire racks, not the bikini, although...
Hmmm, no bikini's yet... Do you Canadians celebrate X-mas early too? Don't want to miss saying Merry X-mas to you...
The Lone Beader said…
I love the earring display! :D
Out at the park chopping down your Christmas tree??
LJ said…
Wow. I'd KILL for that display unit.
It's brilliant!
She said unit!!
Jewels said…
LOL! Phos! I was beginning to think you're the only one who reads this blog! ;)

And no, our Xmas is right at the same time as yours is, but I don't personally celebrate Christmas, I celebrate Yule, or what you would call Winter Solstice, and I do so by having a light ceremony, where every room in my house will be lit by candles of every shape and color, as I reminisce about the brighter days of summer :)

So, are the Grumps gone yet???
Jewels said…
Don't I know it Linda!
I am one grateful girl, let me tell ya! And I got TWO! WOOHOO! :D
Jewels said…
Oh Phos!

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