Still here, I swear! :D

Ok, ok. I know. Too few and far between. But, I guess this is now my busy time of the year, as I've intented it! ;)
Now that I've just finished shoveling 10 cm of snow from my driveway, the sidewalk, the walkup, and the porch, I can actually sit and relax. The typing is a bit slower at the moment, as the old arms are a wee bit tired from said shoveling. Not too bad though, just some needed exercise.
I've had a few custom orders to fill for some friends, and have been finishing some old pieces. One of which is "Flight of Fancy". Wanna see?
Here is a shot of the project while I was still working on her:

It took me so long to figure out how I was going to finish this piece. I had thought of simply adding a pin at the back, to turn it into a brooch, then thought I'd do that AND add a bail so that it could be either worn as a pendant or a brooch, but for the life of me, I can't seem to be able to locate any of my pin backs! That's what I get for moving into a house. Now I've got much more room to lose my stuff in! ;) Well, at any rate, here she is completed. Not the best shot, but I wanted to share with you, so there!
Her body is made of four Peyote Bezelled Rose Quartz cabochons, which were then connected with a little bit of R.A.W., and her 'wings' and 'tail' were embellished with long fringes, which are weighted down by lovely little natural purple freshwater pearls. The new pendant hangs from a simple Spiral Rope Chain, and the Peyote bail allows for the wearer to remove the pendant if they wish to. I done did good I think!

Oh, in other great news, "Tanzanite Daggers" has been SOLD! :D She has found a new home through Niki, my new friend who's been carrying my pieces in her Spa. I was ecstatic! And so is her new owner!

I've been doing a lot of 'behind the scenes' work on my site. It hasn't been updated yet, but for a few tweaks here and there, but come new year, I believe I'll be fully ready to publish it with all new pieces, and a complete wholesale catalog. Now THAT's a lot of work!
The last few weeks, I've just been in complete production mode, save for the custom pieces I've finished, and it feels really, really good. The Muse is back, and I'm coddling her, nourishing her, and letting her run all over the place, giving her free reign to take me wherever she wants to lead me.
One new thing I've also decided to add to the site, which I will share with you here, is that my Pearl Blossoms is now available in a "Four Seasons" package. Clearly, I thought that was a very clever idea! ;) See?
"Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter"

I've also been working on some new earrings to match them, which will also be showcased here shortly. So stay tuned! :)

Miss U!


The Lone Beader said…
Awesome! I love love LOVE the daggers. Someday I will use them on something rather unexpected!
Jewels said…
Ooh, I can't wait for that day Diana! ;)
Wait, by unexpected, do you mean you'll make jewelry?
Pam said… always do such gorgeous work! Congrats on the sale of the beautiful dagger necklace too!

All ready to shovel more snow? We're supposed to get a whole whack by tomorrow night! ick

Unfortunately I haven't been beading lately but knitting for Christmas presents...two pairs of socks to go! YAY!!

Hope you and your family have a great holiday season!
Not Ashley said…
The Pearl Blossom Xmas Gifts were a big hit.
Jewels said…
Thank you for your lovely compliment Pam.
Well, the whole whack hit US good, how 'bout you?
We got 18 inches, and a two hour power outage (brrrrrrrrr!)

I absolutely ADORE hand-knit socks. So wish I could make some
Jewels said…
M, I'm so happy to hear that! :D
Betty BeadBug said…
These are all so lovely...can't wait to see the earrings you are making to match.

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