Home Sweet Home

Well, I'm back. It's taken me a few days of R&R to recuperate from my 'vacation', but I think I'm back on track with the 'home life'. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting my parents, but I gotta say, it's been nice spending the weekend getting back into the swing of things at home. Hubby was a DOLL, and decided to stay home and spend these last two days with us, as we puttered, de-cluttered, and cleaned around the house. With a bit of gardening and weeding thrown in for good measure of course. ;)

And while hubby was busy oohing and aahing over the brand new fishing toys I got him at the Float Paddle & Fly, I was uploading what seemed like 8000 photographs onto my hard drive. Of course, Blogger being Blogger (a totally temperamental shite... 'scuse my, wait, that's not French...), I couldn't even share them with you here until today.

Being at Dad's was so quiet, being in the middle of nowhere, with practically absolutely nothing to do, that I did manage to get quite a bit of beadwork done. Mom's is different, seeing as she's in the city, and we have so many things to do and see. I did get some work done though, and in the interim, also got to finish this necklace I'd brough - with the express intent of FINISHING it - which I'd started, oh, what, 6 months ago? Turns out I HAD to finish it, since Mom fell irrevocably in love with it, and just HAD to have it! My only chagrin? The ensuing argument over payement. I didn't want to take Mom's money, I don't like to sell my pieces to Mom, seeing as she gave birth to me and all... But she circumnavigated that argument by going to her hubby, and asking HIM to buy it for her. And then they wouldn't even accept my offer of the "Friends & Family" discount. Honestly, I don't understand why my Friends and Family don't WANT the discount. A dear friend actually told me that my discount (%50 off) was too high, that it should be closer to, like, %10. What? What kind of discount it THAT???

Anyway, I digress... I thought I'd show Mom off wearing her brand new pearl necklace that she absolutely LURVES! I even threw in a pair of matching earrings, so that she'd have a lovely ensemble.

My pretty Mama with her new jewels!
I was afraid the piece might be too large for her, but it turns out that the scale was perfect for her petite 4'10" frame.

Peyote bail and tube on a Mabé pearl pendant, with Nepal stitch embellishements twining up like vines on one side of the pearl rope.

The other side was left plain (hah! like pearls are plain!), but was embellished with a fall of branched fringe at the back to enhance the silver clasp, and act as a slight counter weight to the pendant.

And here is Maman at Moca Loca, where we all enjoyed a little sweet treat and some absolutely sinfully sweet mochachinos. Topped with Whipped Cream, natch. ;)

We all enjoyed our visit at the caffé. I especially liked the décor, and was quite impressed with the floor. Or rather, how they'd installed their hardwood flooring. I'm thinking this will look good in my bead store, when I finally open one. ;) All around there were tiny little wares displayed for purchase. My favorites were the small stained glass pieces that hung in ever window. I was tempted to get one for myself, but was afraid it wouldn't travel well all the way back to Niagara. Here are a few of my favorites:

Flowers, flowers, flowers.
I so loved the vibrant colors in this piece.

And this one was just neat. I'm not particularly into abstract, but this one spoke to me. I liked the colors, and for some reason, could see many things in there. Which wa probably the artist's intent, non? ;)

Well, I know it was a long time coming, but this is it for today. I've got a meeting with one of my sellers today, and I've got some personal grooming to catch up on. ( I am SO not meeting up with a gorgeous spa owner in my chipped, left-over-from-my-vacation-toe-nail polish!)

I hope you all have a wonderful relaxing day. Think of me, while I'm busy trying to conduct business as I simultaneously try to keep my Little Highness entertained.

Love & Light



On a Roll said…
What a pretty necklace! That's sweet that your mom made her hubby buy it for her. :)
Jewels said…
Thank you OaR! And yes, it was sweet, but now I just want to send her, like, 20 necklaces to make up for the fact they paid for it! ;)

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