Almost Fall!

Four more days and it's Fall! Already? Time is just flying by right now. I honestly thought I'd have more me time once school started, turns out I was slightly off on those calculations. We've had a few organized school excursions already, which required some parental assistance for the teacher, and I've been running back and forth from Niagara Falls to St. Catharines and back again, for doctor's and dentist's appointments for our Little Highness. Nothing TOO serious, she just needs some dental work done, but she's a nervous patient, and still young, so her dentist has chosen to perform her procedures under full anesthesia in the hospital. That last part doesn't sit well with me, and that probably has to do with the fact that I sincerely don't trust hospitals. I know it's not a 'bad' place, but I can honestly say that I don't have many positive experiences when hospitals are concerned. At any rate, what I thought would be Me time, turned into "Running all over town, catching up with myself and everybody else" time. ;)

I have been keeping busy during 'off' hours though. Wait, do I even HAVE off hours??? No, guess I don't... LOL!

I recently organized a necklace swap on my facebook "Canadian Beadworkers" group (which is turning into more of an international group, LOL!), and I thought I'd share the piece I made for my partner with you. I chose to make a lariat for Nancy, and though she did mention liking darker colors, I did use artistic license and mixed some lights in there too. I created a bead soup with 6's in silver lined purples in light, medium and dark tones, and another mixture of iridescent 'ambers' in the same tones. I liked the outcome enough that I believe I might make another lariat with the same soup. I will make sure that the ends differ from these ones however, since I don't really like to duplicate my pieces too much. Well, unless they're part of a collection/series, of course...

For the ends, I used two large glass crystals, in a smoky topaz color, and extended the fringes about two inches down, embellishing them with an array of glass beads, keeping in the same colors and tones that were in the rope. The only thing I played with were different finishes. The rope itself was shiny enough, so I went with plain transparent beads, and frosted finish beads that I hoped would stand out.
I'm quite pleased with the result, and I'm happy to report that Nancy LOVED it! :)

I was also commissioned by a friend to make a very special piece for her sister, who also happens to be a close friend of mine. Of course, it was my absolute pleasure to be given complete carte blanche to create this particular piece, having intimate knowledge of my friend's likes. This is a new design for me. Not too overly complicated to make, even though I did have some minor difficulties with the clasp attachment. Very fiddly! LOL!

Four beautiful strands of netted beads in metallic iridescent green, and silver-lined beads of the deepest most delicious 'fir' green I've ever seen!
I used a sterling silver four-prong slide clasp, which I thought really lent itself well to the design of the strands. It kept them nicely spaced, and gave the piece a well 'organized' look. (Cause, you know, I'm all about organization... ) ;)

I thought it fell quite nicely on the bodice, and was weighty enough to feel, but not so light that it felt too delicate to wear.

Well, now that I've caught myself up with the last few details of back to school, work, housework, moving (Items that were lovingly packed by my Mom, and promptly lovingly moved 7 hours South to me, by my Dad), renovating (my Studio! Yes! It's finally getting the well-deserved attention it's been vying for!), and, what? Oh, yeah, more housework... ;) I'm hoping that the next few weeks will see me doing a lot more in the beady creation department, and less in the laundry department. Oh who am I kidding? I've got an avid fisherman and an 8 year old Princess in the house... Laundry services is sure to be added to my resume, should I ever need to look for a job! :P

Hope all is well with you, my dear readers!

Blessed Be!


What a nice job, fantastic!
Jewels said…
Thank you! :)
Káli Gopika said…
Beautiful work!

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