Mimi's New Shoulder Bag

Mimi's new shoulder bag, originally uploaded by JewelsLB.

I'm still playing with my beads, but when the cooler weather comes in, I always pull out my yarn to play with. Of course, the beads get a tad jealous, especially if buttons are involved, but they understand... I think. I know the Swarovski's gave me the cold shoulder this morning, it only lasted a short while. The pearls? Well, they're like a happy oblivious puppy: They just ran up to me and licked my face 'til I gave them a stern "enough!" ;)

Here's a little shoulder bag I started working on Monday night. This bag is completely freeform, no pattern was followed. The body and strap are all extended single crochet, and the drop is just a series of stitches in varied lengths, which I customized to fit the large button Mimi picked. Lucky Little Highness that she is: she gets all my prototypes! ;)

Definitely going to be making more of these, but now I'm thinking I'd like to add some of my nice art buttons for the closure. I'm thinking Raku, metal and wood (oh my!) ;)



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