Interview With An Etsyan: BizzieLizzie

Back in July (has it been that long already????), I had the pleasure of participating in an online "Blog Giveaway" contest at BizzieLizzie's blog, and 'Lo and behold: I won! Not only did I win a fabulous "refillable" handmade lavender sachet, I also decided to participate in Charlotte's Pay It Forward, and was so pleased when I received my parcel, as right along with my precious lavender sachet, was this super cute little coin purse! My sachet now resides under my pillow, as there's nothing I like better than falling asleep with the smell of lavender in my nose. So calming. The coin purse is, well, in my purse! My Little Highness was right by me when I opened my parcel, and her exact words were : "OH! Is THAT one for ME?" I told her I'd be very happy to share it with her, but that I would like the opportunity to 'play' with it a little bit first. Truth be told, it's absolutely perfect to hold my Iphone!

My new sleeping aid, filled with lavender!

My new change/iphone purse! Perfect for small lose items you don't want to lose in your purse!

I was so impressed with Charlotte's workmanship, her attention to detail is impeccable, right down to her personalized label. Since I'd been to her Etsy shop before, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you, drool with me will you?

This gorgeous "Ebony & Ivory Slouch Hobo" damask bag is just DYING to come live with me. Hubby doesn't understand my constant fascination with handbags, but then again, I don't get HIS fascination with fishing rods either, so... I'd say we're even, wouldn't you? A perfect day bag, I can tell it would hold all of my essentials for a full day *dare I go there* SHOPPING excursion!?

The next bag I chose to show you is her "Rays & Dots" market tote. I fell in love with the colors in the fabric, and can so totally see myself doodling around town on my vintage Shwinn bike with this bag, ever so casually slung across my shoulder, sitting on my hip. (I'll HAVE to sling it on, since my basket will be full of fresh market goodies!)

Another bag that caught my eye was the 'Minimalist Branches with Leaves" hobo bag. NO markets for this one, though now that I think about it... ;) No, this one I'd take on one of my many reading excursions. It looks like it would be the perfect size to hold a good book, some sundry snacks, and a bottle of water. With my blanket in my basket, I'll bike to the nearest park, and rest for a few hours, as I read, and watch the clouds lazily float by. I suppose this sounds like a rather Summery activity, but this I like to do once school has started, and I find myself having a few hours of Me time. (A rare, and very precious commodity, it seems...)

Oh, but I'm not completely selfish! I did spy a few goodies I thought my Little Highness might like for herself! She's just MAD for elephants, and frankly, anything *cute*, and this little "Elephant Love" zippered bag would be perfect to hold the precious tiny treasures she likes to lug around whenever we go out. (can't leave the house without that Littlest Pet Shop now can we?)

I was so pleased with my new Bizzie Lizzie creations, I just had to try my hand at an Etsy interview, and so this is it! Charlotte was kind enough to answer a few questions for me, and though they might not be the 'run of the mill' type of questions, these are the ones I'm curious about whenever other 'creators' are involved.

Charlotte had been busy after coming back from a trip, and I believe she was still wiping her brow from a hard day's work when her reply came back to me. ;), and though I was going to go to the trouble of editing everything, I rethought that, and chose to give you the unabridged version, these are Charlotte's personal words, and give you a peek into her process. Hope you like it!

"Hey Jewels!

Phew! Laundry is DONE! What a chore! I'm getting slowly back in the routine! LOL

Okay - here are some answers for you:
1. What inspires your work?

I am so inspired by colors. Fabrics speak to me! Nature for sure! I love our colorful world!

2. With a busy family life (I don't know if you do, but also if you have a job outside of the home...), how do you budget your time in order to keep productivity up?

It was tough. I worked part time - 9-2 up until last December. THEN, I took the plunge and quit the day job! Working for myself is the hardest and most fulfilling job I've had. I work long hours to make it work. Many more hours than any career I've ever been a part of! It's hard for me to "turn" it off! When I'm really busy - it's nothing for me to get up at 3:30 in the morning and work through the entire day without stopping! Well, I do stop to eat and drink! =0) AND, I have a 10 year old - so I have to stop for her as well.

3. What made you decide to develop your hobby as a business?

I've always sewn stuff. It wasn't until I became a mother that I wanted to stay home with her, so at that point - I started sewing for others and it wasn't free anymore! =0) Lizzie just turned 10 in April. My sewing has been a supplement and source of income off and on for about that long!

4. Do you listen to music/watch T.V. while working, or do you need complete quietude and solitude?

No TV watching. There's no TV in my sewing room, but I do like to listen to the old movies in the background while I am sewing. Definitely music most days. There are some days though- solitude is the only way I get it all done! On those days - even the phone calls can wait!

5. What tips can you share with Etsy newcomers that could help them get noticed?

My first push is to LOVE and I mean REALLY LOVE what you do! It's got to drive you to make it work. You've got to promote yourself and get noticed. Take the best pictures and then when you think they're the best - take them over again. I am always changing up my pictures. That is my weakness - I HATE the picture taking part and feel like there is always room for improvement in that arena! Again - LOVE what you are doing. Do not be discouraged by others. Find out what works - just for you!

6. Do you require any special steps to get the creative muse going? Or is she just a 'spur of the moment' kinda gal?

I am the "spur of the moment" kinda gal. I am that way with my creating and my personal life. I LOVE what a new day brings and uncharted territory! Drives my husband NUTS! BUT, we discover lots of new things my way! My desire to create - comes from within! If I have to force myself to do it - I step away from it for a bit. It never turns out right - when I try and force it!"

I recognized a lot of myself in Charlotte's answers. Mainly LOVING what you do. If you love what you do, with a boundless passion, then it will never feel like work!

And this, my dear readers, was my first foray in "Interview With And Etsyan". I hope I did well, and that this was just the first of many, many more to come. I welcome anyone who would love an article of their own to contact me. I'll try and keep this as a regular feature of this blog.


BizzieLizzie said…
Awwww Jewels - it is just simply perfect! I'm so awwed and won over by your lovely comments about my bags! I loved whipping up those things - just for you!!

Oh, and I wouldn't I just LOVE to whip you up that big damask hobo bag *wink*!

And, I have a little Princess of my own who has all sorts of zips - one is a must for your Princess and yes, they carry quite a bit of Littlest Pet Shops around! =0)

I'm so honored and touched by your post! Thank you for taking the time to put this together!!

Yep, y'all - twitter works!! =0)
Jewels said…
So happy you liked it Charlotte! *Note to self, edit, edit, edit... I had to go back and 'fix' a few errors! LOL!*

I really did enjoy writing this article, and Charlotte, you truly are an artist! I love your work, you can tell you don't go halfway about it, and that you LOVE what you do!

Hee! Hee! Your Little Highness has all the zips she wants, mine has all the jewelry she can handle! ;)

Yep! Twitter is the *BOMB*! =)

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