Brick Stitch. It's so clean and streamlined. I like the diagonal rows formed by these square 4mm beads. Black and white are 'In' this Fall, so I've read, and I think this set will make a wonderful addition to anyone's wardrobe. Word to the wise, these sqares somtimes have sharp edges, so Fireline is called for here. Culling your beads is quite important as well, as sometimes, the beads get tumbled a bit too much and lose an edge or a corner, and make the beads sit awkardly against each other.

I'm quite surprised at the movement in these earrings. I was worried they might feel heavy, but they're not at all. I have an idea for making some with a diamond shaped 'head' as well. That's the beauty of brick, the placement of the bead holes is such that it makes it easier to add a fringe.


Lori said…
Hi Julie,
I cant remember how I came across your blog but I am sure glad I did I am a beader too and I do alot of brickstitch earrings I love these that you have pictured here.

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