Grape Vine.

I can't remember where, or which bead artist I saw doing these first, but I knew I wanted to make one instantly! (I'll have to post her name when I find it) Well, while on vacation at my dad's place last week, I got a chance to sit, relax, and do a little beading, and this is the bracelet I came up with. Now, this is my own rendition, seeing as i didn't have any patterns to go on, just an image in my mind's eye. I quite like it. I think there's room for improvement, but this one's mine.

Perhaps one of the most fun parts of making this piece, were to see my cousins' faces while I was making it. Three piles of beads: size 8/0 for the core, 11/0 for the vine tendrils and grape stems, and Tiny Tims for the grapes, accompanied by some pressed glass grape leaves. Having them hover over me as I was working, ooing and aaaing, and their wonderment at the 'amount of work you put into that...' But seeing their faces when they saw the finished piece was priceless. They saw the beads in piles, and couldn't even fathom what I'd make with them. They were amazed that I was able to make grape clusters with drop shaped beads. Frankly, so was I... ;)

Sorry it's been so long, I'm on a month-long vacation, and enjoying every single moment of 'getting away from it all' up in Northern Québec. Nice!



jin said…
That one's really AWESOME Jewels!!!
Does look like a glimpse into a vineyard!!!
Heera said…
Beautiful bracelet! I love the wide range of colors that you have used to make the grapes. I like the huge leaves too.
Jewels said…
Hey Jin, thanks! I'm hoping to make many more in time for our "Grape & Wine" Festival this fall.
Hello Heera, and welcome! Thank you for stopping by, and for the compliment. (I like the leaves too, LOL!)
MeHereNow said…
YAY you're back \o/! I missed all the beautiful stuff!!
Its gorgeous,my daughter loves the colours.
Glad you're back!!
TeAntae said…
Lovely bracelet! It should be a hit at the festival. It's so very wearable anytime. Earrings to match perhaps?
Jewels said…
MHN! How are you?
Yes, I konw, I've neglected my blog, but it was for a good cause. I'm on a month-long vacation in the depths of Quebec (and I do mean DEPTHS!!! Where the moskitos are large enough to saddle!) Glad to be back too.

Teantea (T&T?), welcome! Fingers crossed, I'm hoping. But how could it not, really, I mean, they'll eat it all up, I'm sure!!! LOL! Well, not literally I hope, LMBO! Oh, and don't you worry, I've already started on another set (in 'chardonnay' colours), and this one will have earrings to match. Actually, my father made a great suggestion. He things this would look aswesome as a large 'Bib' necklace. I'm aggreeing, but I think I'll have to stock up on Tiny Tims for that one, LOL!!!!
Thanks for stopping by ladies!

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