Well, I got the okay, and I must tell you: I absolutely LOVE this photo. Isn't she gorgeous??? I can tell from the twinkle in Jenny's eyes that her smile is absolutely genuine! I love it! Love it! Love it! LOL! You can't really see them in this photo, but Jen is actually showing off a pair of Amethyst "X's & O's" earrings I also slipped in her 'surprise' bag. I think they look great on her! Yay!!!!



Katy said…
yeah at least I get first comment! To bad you guys didn't team up sooner I am sure I would have found a piece or two that I couldn't live without while I was up there.
Jewels said…
Well Katy, better late than never, and hey, there's always NEXT TIME!!! LOLOL!!!
Seriously, we should all try to do this, in, like a year or something. Hey, Andrea could pick me up on the way there. (Oh Goddess, can you imagine what kind of ride that would be????) LOL!
I'm ready to make commemorative earrings, I swear!!!!
That is a great photo! Expressions like that are the best result of making jewelry.
jin said…
You guys are all making me *BLUSH*!!! LOL!

HEY! Jewels!!! Sold a pair of earrings today!!! Will post a pic tonight on unplugged...*giggle*

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