Package for Jin.

A few weeks ago, my friend Jennifer and I decided that it might be interesting to embark on a 'business' venture together. Jen has this awesome bakery Uniquely Yours in Manitowok, WI. So we settled on a few items, but I slipped a little something in there, just for Jen. She finally got the package today, after waiting for a little over a week. So, I'm going to show you the packages, but I'm still waiting for the okay from Jen to show you a photo of her wearing her 'surprise' ;)

The "Lot"

Jin's Surprise


Mostly earrings in this one, but a few Memory Wire sets as well.



jin said…
*Am still all smiley!*

9pm & the wall has been painted with 2 coats of minty green splendor!

I have not taken the shelving out of the box yet...I may 'beg' D to do that for me after I make him dinner...notice it won't do me any good what-so-ever to ask him before he gets dinner! LOL!

Ok, on to posting my 'poseur' pic. I'm going to put that on unplugged, then when I finish the display I'll put that on jintrinsique. :-D

Have I said, "Thank You" enough yet? I think not.

Thank You!"
MeHereNow said…
Do you know what? Until I finished reading I got all jealous on jin's behalf thinking you said about the amazing cake person thinking it was another cake person! Did that make sense?? Anyway glad to know there's only one truly amazing place to buy wondeful edible (and now wearable!) delights!!!

P.S. Should have read the title of the blog but got so excited that you'd posted again I didn't!!
Jewels said…
Ha! Ha! Ha!
MHN You're too funny! Yes, it was THE one and the same cake-baking Jen! (Is there another??????) LOL!

And Jen, I so can't wait to see the whole display. I always like to see where my babies 'live' (does that make sense?) LMBO!!!!

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