Positive thoughts please

Hubby is going for surgery at 6:30.

Nothing too major. He had a small incident on Sunday, and tore his left medial meniscus, and is going in for an endoscopic procedure. He's actually comfortable with getting the procedure, which we were informed wouldn't last much longer than 20-30 minutes. But the anesthesiology, that's a different story. THAT'S what's got him so worried. He wanted an epidural, but due to all the issues he's been dealing with with his spine, well, the anesthesiologist didn't feel comfortable going that route.

He should be up and about later tonight. In the meantime, I'll be teaching my first class in a week tonight, and then run to school with the little one for a viewing of collective artwork by the kids. Phew! We're back in the swing of things, aren't we? My poor heart is beating a mile a minute. I wish I could be there with him, but this was an emergency scheduling, and we weren't really prepared for it. Besides, I'm sure the orthopaedic surgeon will do a fabulous job without my getting in the way. We only found out at noon today, and I've been so nervous, all I could do was keep my hands busy so my mind wouldn't run all over with crazy thoughts. (got 5 pairs of earrings out of it. LOL!)

Now, if only I could get a handle on these dang allergies. Started a new med today, Nasonex. Sure hope it'll help, 'cause I do NOT look forward to feeling like a 4-ton dump truck is using my forehead as a parking space for the next 6 months...

Ta-ta dahlings!

Much love!



What a coincidence. I am oign for a similar surgery in June. I am too old for the Dr to fix the meniscus, so he is just cutting out the bad bit. Good news is the surgeon said this type of procedure is so common he can do them in his sleep. I know your husband will be chasing you around the house a day or two after the surgery. Good luck...
Jewels said…
Good luck to me? or him? ;)

the procedure was a success, and he should be home soon
Ace said…
Hey, glad it went well!

I had arthroscopic surgery on a knee way back, and it really isn't too bad, as far as the surgery itself. The anaesthesia really knocked me for a loop - I was supposed to go home at like 2 p.m., and they couldn't wake me up enough to get me out of bed until about 6.

I was going to try and reassure you, but I guess there's nothing so reassuring as him being fine.

Good! Yay!
caramaena said…
Glad the surgery went well. Hope the recovery is nice and easy
jin said…
Oh...I missed this post earlier!

Glad to hear it went well!

Give C a big hug from me!

And one for you, too...cos I know who'll be takin' care of him!!!
Jewels said…
Thank you so much Eric. I knew it would go well, but I was nervous still. And he was out in no time, and up and walking right away.

Two days later though, he's a tad stiff. So we're walking around a bit, trying to loosen it up.
Jewels said…
Hello Carameana, and welcome!

So far so good (fingers crossed!)

Ooh, I see from your profile that you like to bead! Any chance we'll get to see your creations? As you prolly well know by now, I'm a bit of a bead geek myself. ;)
Jewels said…
Bonjour Jin!

We both thank you for the big hugs. And it's not so bad... so far. ;)
TeAntae said…
Positive thoughts winging your way. Hope all went well. *HUGS*
Miachelle said…
I hope everything turned out well. Prayers for you and your hubby.
Jewels said…
Thank you Tea and Miachelle. I appreciate all of your support.

The surgery went well, the recuperation is going extremely well, but with some minor complications with the wounds.

All is good!

Thank you all!
So is he taking you to the big dance Saturday evening??
Ok, enough attention to the husband - what about the rest of us, eh??

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