lol! Mooney. Well, the large discs remind me of the moon when it is full. Made with Brazilian Agathe discs, rich Carnelian donuts, and bronze iridescent Charlottes. Not used to stringing per se, and so not my usual style, but I do think it came out alright. I've got to get used to using the crimping pliers without breaking any of the precious little beads surrounding the crimps. Perhaps it's my tension, since I'm used to keeping everything tight when I'm beadweaving.

The stones are heavy, and when they touch, produce a delicate clicking sound, and I like that. ;) I like the feel of the cool stones on my skin. It sure was a lot of fun to make.

I think it's time I started looking into some henna for my hair. Not sure if I like this much gray showing at the tender age of 35... Well, 34 and 3/4... ;p


TeAntae said…
That looks great on you! I simply cannot pull off such a necklace, mainly because I'm chicken. Nice job lady!
Always said you had big stones. I used to work with semi-precious stones. Haven't done that in a long time, though I have the equipment buried in the garage. May have to start it up again some day.

Don't fuss about the gray - at least you have hair. I'd kill for hair, I wouldn't care if it was purple!
jin said…
Oh, wow! That does look fab on you!!!
Perfect w/ the glasses, the ones C hates?

I did the henna on D once. It worked really well (looked great & natural) but it was awfully messy! lol. I'll do it to myself tho when the time comes. I'm trying to beam myself the "hair energy" of my one great auntie from my mothers side & my one great uncle from my fathers side as each one had pitch black hair until they were in their 80's!!!
Haaahahahaaa!!! Wish me luck!
Jewels said…
Tea, I'm not so certain I can pull it off either, but I'm certainly going to try! ;)

LOL Phos! Hey, I'd love to see some of your work. Funny about the hair, 'cause I've had PURPLE hair! LOL!
Jewels said…
LOL! Jin, those ARE indeed the glasses Chris dislikes with a passion! But I love them, and that's all that matters, right? ;p

Henna is mad messy, especially with hair as long as mine. Kinda looks like cow poop on your head, LOL! But the end result is quite nice. I'll wish you luck, but I've given up on luck of my own. Too much silver creeping in already. Oh well, I think it'll look sophisticated. ;)

Not Ashley said…
The necklace is beautiful, and looks great on you.

I wouldn't suggest you wear it when you go scuba diving, as it might weigh you down too much.

Blub! Blub! Blub
Jewels said…

LOL! For those of you not in the know, that's the sound M makes when she teases me about my sunglasses! ;)

Blub! Blub! Blub!

Rachel said…
Love the necklace, especially the large moon discs. Beautiful!
The Lone Beader said…
That is one funky necklace. :D

And, thanks for checkin out my blog today. The bus is inspired by a Doors song where Jim Morrison mentioned a blue bus. It is really going to be all about Jim Morrison. THanks for your interest=:)
cinderelly said…
that is a great necklace! (i am still pulling my grey hairs out when i find them...they are kind of starting to win the battle finally though!)

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