More Crocheted Drop Dusters

Remember how I mentioned last week that I had to keep my hands busy to keep from going stir crazy when the hubby was in surgery? Well, here's what I made during that time.

Of course, I've got some duplicates now, since folks have asked me for the same pair over and over. Funny, that's always how it seems to happen. If I make a plethora of items, in a myriad of colors, I'll inevitably get at least 4 people ask me to make the same ones... Actually, it doesn't matter if I do have a large choice of colors, I still get the "Oooh, I love these! But could you make them in (insert color of choice here)". LOL!

The worse for me has been when folks ask for custom pieces, love the design on paper, and even though I offer my personal artistic opinion at times and advise tweaking some of the details, they'll insist on their idea, only to be very disappointed at the end result. (Which inevitably will make me feel like my work isn't good enough...) The second worse is when someone orders a custom piece, then the person just up and disappears! (as in leaves town, not goes missing or something like that... That's NOT nice!!! - especially if it was made to a person's specific size requirements, or the piece is personalized with the client's name)

Lesson learned: Now, when asked for custom orders, I ask for a 50% deposit. And a 'do over' will double the cost. See, if the person is too, um, un-bright to listen to my expert opinion on jewelry design, then I really don't think that I should be the one penalized for all the hard work I invest.
K, I'm hooked (pun intended!), I've got to make a few more pairs of these, since at least a dozen are going to be making their way to Wisconsin, and another dozen will probably be in permanent residence in my jewelry box. ;)


TeAntae said…
Love the earrings!

And yeah, get that cash up front. It forces people to be more serious about asking for the item and if after all that hard work, they want something different? More money!
Ace said…
Always get a deposit.

It shows people are serious.
jin said…
Ak! I read this in feeds the other day and was sure I commented!? how am I supposed to keep my hands off those?! Now, in addition to green I see: pink, & pale blue?!!?
Ok...ok...I'll be good...I swear. LOL! Can't WAIT to put those out...wouldn't that be COOL if they ALL sold in a week?!!?
Jewels said…
Thanks Tea.
Yup! Lesson learned. I'm more confident, and more direct with my suggestions now. I never want to see a look of disappointment on my clients' faces.

So right Eric. So, so right...

Mademoiselle Jin, you will get some of your very own, and hopefully, they will keep your hands off the ones for sale, LOL! ;)
oh, and it would be so très cool if they sold in a WEEK!!!!! You'll also be getting some bracelets this time. I'm not even going to cross my fingers: The pieces I'm sending you are my best sellers! Let's hope the poor folks of Manitowok start adorning themselves as readily as they'll gorge themselves on your goodies! ;)
beadexplorer said…
Oh, these earrings are really beautiful. I can understand that you are asked to make them over and over again for customers! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I surely will come back!
cinderelly said…
again, beautiful! they look really cool in the slide show!
They probably order the same ones so when they lose one, they can replace it. No one wants to be a Punky Brewster of the earring world and wear two different color earrings. Funny is the men my age (or older) wearing them. I am of the generation where only mommy wore earrings and it never occurred to me to raid her jewelry drawer. Maybe they are frustrated pirates.
Did you ever get a bead stuck in your ear? That would be uncomfortable, I would think.
Pat de Verre said…
Wow, great choice of earrings. Love all of them, one colour for each day of the
Jewels said…
Hello B.E.! I was so impressed with your work! Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks Cindy. Still making them, just putting them up on my website now! Hoping to sell TONS of them!

Phos! I LOL at your "frustrated Pirates" comment! Oh, and no, can't say I ever did get a bead caught in my ear. That WOULD be a bother, eh? ;)

Pat, j'essaie pour une pair pour chaque jour du MOIS! LOL!!! ;)

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