Jewels wishes she was beading

But Jewels has a nasty, nasty sinus cold, and it's giving her a headache like you wouldn't believe! Lucky me, the kiddo's got it too, and the hubby just left for Cali this morning for a seminar of some sort. He didn't want to go, but it's for work.

So, classes are canceled, and I'm just sitting here, hacking and sneezing away. In the meantime, I'd like to show you this new style of earring I've designed.

They're great to use up all those little leftover thread ends I always have kicking around. (U know, that 'ole "Don't throw anything out" gene I inherited from my darling Grand-mère...) I just love how the tiny drops catch the light.

So what do you think? Do you approve? I'm quite proud of them, seeing as I came up with their design all by my little self! ;)

Oh, and last night, just before our bead society meeting, I made myself a lovely summery necklace.
Loving the huge Turquoise chunks!



Jodie said…
Very cool & original! I love the way they catch the light!
Jewels said…
thank you Jodie!

The clear one, I absolutely love, they look like teeny ice drops.
jin said…








I'll trade you for pastries!!!


(p.s. You look adorable in that photo! Look at all those freckles! CUTE!!! :-)
Jewels said…
Jin, someone else felt the exact same way about them tonight, and she couldn't help but purchase them, but I will be making YOU a pair pronto! (I still have lots of the drops, and thread as well)
Consider them a gift!
Jewels said…
Oh,and thanks on the freckles *Hee! Hee!*

Funny, both my mother and myself have always wanted to 'get rid of them', and it always seems to be what people like, our freckles. Except mom is freckled ALL OVER! (that's right, ALL OVER!)

Nabeel said…
Nice beads .. how much were they? So on a cloudy day they won't be as pretty then?
Coo free form danglers. Waste not want not and they came out so nice to boot. Better send Jin those green earrings before she drools all over your Blog...
Ace said…
I like the blue ones!
Jewels said…
Hello Nabeel, and welcome.

Which beads did you want to know the cost to? The drops I get here and there, the Turquoise I got for a steal @ a little store in Toronto. Personally, I like how beads look in ANY light, LOL! But whenever the sun hits the drops, they just seem to sparkle that much more.

Phos, I say Tit for Tat! I drool over Jin's blog on a regular basis, what with all her yummy goodies. Problem is, I know what they taste like, which makes it all the worse! LOL! Yup! Gotta love them free range beads! ;)

I like the blue ones too Ace. What's Girlie Munkee's favorite color? I could send you a pair to surprise her with... Wait, does she read my blog? Oh darn, well, Girlie Munkee, you might get yourself some nice Drop Dusters! LOL! ;)
Dangle 'em if you got 'em, I always say...
LJ said…
For some, it's hoops. For me, it's the long dangling light-reflectors!
PS - When you de-snot a little, please see the editorial at my "house?" I'd love you to post your opinion on prices.
Not Ashley said…
Love the green ones also!!!!
Ace said…
Favorite color... Hmm... She has so many...

Green makes her eyes look so lovely... but she wears a lot of red.

She told me pink once.

So I have no idea!

Hmm... should I watch the mail? For something shiny? Or a bill? :)
TeAntae said…
I leave you for one minute and look at all the stuff you've been up to! ;-)

Lovely work. You really inspire me to try to make earrings. I don't think to because of my nickle allergy but there just has to be something other than those body piercing hoops I can wear.

Gorgeous stuff as always!
Jewels said…
LOL Phos! What'chyou been dangling? ;)

Thanks Linda. I'm a dangle lover too, but hoops are nice. Wait, don't ask me what my favorite is, I love them ALL!!!!! LOL!

Ace: Dark or light green? And if it's pink, well, I've got pink! ;) And who knows, only time will tell, I hear a little munkee just got himself a special munkette fiancée... Is that true? Yay for munkees!!!!!

LMBO Tea, wait, I've been even busier! Well, it was either create or go crazy!
cinderelly said…
those are bee-yoo-ti-ful earrings! i really like the turquoise necklace, too!
Rachel said…
Love the earrings. They are wonderful. I really like the green ones.
Jewels said…
Why thank you Cinderelly!

The necklace is fun, I've been wearing it a lot, and have received many compliments on it. I think I'm starting to like these chunky pieces.

Hello Rachel, thanks!
LOL! The green ones sure are popular! EVERYBODY wants them! ;)Looks like I'll have to make more, LOL!
Ace said…
Well, hazel with green. I went with peridot for the necklace I bought her.

Munkee has fiancee! Munkee forgot about this thread. Sorry!

Munkee watches mail. Mail doesn't come. Munkee waits. Hmm. Munkee remembers mail only arrives once a day. Munkees like mail.
Jewels said…
Munkee needs to 're' email Jewels his addy!!!!
Mmmmmmmm! Peridot is nice, it's my birthstone you know!

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