Birthday Party

What an incredibly busy weekend I've had so far.
To start off yesterday, I finished organizing all the materials needed for my girlfriend's daughter's 7th B-day party. She had invited 10 little friends, and Deb thought they'd like to try making their own necklaces.

I agreed, and thought Memory Wire would work really well for everybody. No clasps to fumble with, no needles, no scissors, just beads you 'string' onto the wire, and I finish off the ends. The party started out slow, with a few claiming boredom, until they all got to go to the lower level to run around and scream their little heads off at an ear piercing decibel... (what IS it with girls anyway, what's with that loud shrieking? And how do they make that sound? Dear Goddess, it's enough to make you cower under the nearest boulder for the rest of eternity...)
Okay, so, we cleared the table of all foodstuff, and I got busy setting it up. It didn't take long for all the girls to pick a seat around the dining table, and I was surprised to capt their attention so easily. The were all ears as I explained and demonstrated how to use the materials. I pointed out their Memory Wire forms in front of them, and then showed them the 'surprise': each little girl was going to get a cute lady bug pendant for their necklace, and each was getting to chose 2 bags of seed beads. Then the fun started. They all became so enrapt in their work and so quiet with concentration, that when I looked up at Deb, she actually mouthed the words "Thank You!".... It was the quietude. LOL!

We all had a great time actually. Some of the girls got a bit 'bored' with the process (Meethinks that kids today are gratified much too easily, and need to be taught some patience), so I'd help them get to the center of the piece so they could finally add that ladybug, and then told them they'd have to do the rest by themselves. Even Deb got in on it, and on the way home, asked me if I'd be interested in teaching a group
of "grownups", LOL! Of course I would!

1st to finish: Briana with ladybug necklace

2nd to finish: Lucy!

And 3rd: Nicole, the Birthday Girl!!!!

Now, for the rest of this morning, I'm going to sit, relax, and enjoy this XL cup of Tim Horton's coffee I just got myself... And come 11:00, I'm going to open my door to my girlfriend Andrea's two little ones, so she and her husband can move from one abode to another peacefully. I'm thinking of taking them all to the Carousel for the first ride of the year. But we'll see. I think there might be a smog advisory on today, it's looking pretty 'thick' out there.


LJ said…
Good on yah Jewels! A new generation of addicts!
Actually, I truly believe kids love to be creative and are parked more often than encouraged.
I loved the pictures - all the little goddesses (shrieking aside)with thier newly made pretties.
Lovely entry.
jin said…
What adorable necklaces!
I want to make one, now! LOL!
Jewels said…
K Jin, I'll send you the materials and instructions PRONTO! LOL! You want a ladybug or a pentagram? How about a cute little star, for our Super Star Baker?
Nice seeing you!
The Lone Beader said…
So cute! That party looks like it was a lot of fun:)
jin said…
Heeheehee!!! The Star Baker. I think I like it! LOL.

The ladybug, lol, flashback...David says many people call them ladybirds in England, I thought that was sooo cute! When he proposed, along with the ring, he got me a 'ladybird necklace'. I thought it was know one of those small dainty necklaces for little girls! heeheehee!!! I wore it for almost 2 years straight, until I got my pentagram, because the 2 always twisted up together. Sometimes (superstitious me) I think when I took that thing off is when our physical relationship went from really great to 'c'mon, David...I'm horny! PLEEAAASSEEEE!!!'
Well, it seems that 'Real' & lesley have got along fabulously! Do you think maybe I'll get my law of 3 boomerang soon??????
*fingers crossed*
Jewels said…
Put that ladybird back on, girlie, and maybe the sparks will fly!
The power of 3! The power of 3! The power of 3! I send forth to thee......
jin said…
Ok, would you believe, first thing when we got home last night I dug out the necklace. It's like 4 AM & I decide it would be better luck if he'd put it on! LOL I bring it over & ask him to fasten it for me. He says, "You haven't worn that in years, why do you have to have it on now?" (In sort of a cranky tone.) But he did put it still waiting, was almost tempted to tell him jewels told me to put it on! Hahaha! But I thought we'd keep it our little secret! :-)
jin said…
Thank you jewels, am smiling today. See>>>>>> :-D
(Hope you had a great Anniversary, too!)
Jewels said…
I'll keep you posted! We haven't done anything yet, we're both overworked and overtired... But we're going out tomorrow.
(fingers crossed)

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