Pearl Stash

As of about one year ago, I have been having a secret love affair with pearls. Okay, maybe it's not so secret: I love pearls. It might be that my tastes have refined as I age (gracefully, of course...) So a few weeks ago - oh, okay, 8 weeks ago - when a friend contacted me asking if I'd be interested in 'piggy backing' on an order with her, I jumped at the occasion.

I know I've been driving my friends nuts here, waiting impatiently for my very first "Straight from the manufacturer's" shipment, and I finally got it... I managed to take some photographs of the half I'm keeping for myself. And now, without further ado, let me introduce you to my yummy little pearls:

Aren't they beautiful? I got a full hank of each of these:
40 of the golden ones (believe it or not, the bottom ones were part of that same hank, but I seperated them to show the difference), and 50 each of the white and bronze ones.

And no, I'm not telling you how much money I spent on them... Suffice it to say, it was less than retail, but still a handsome sum. However, if you know someone who'd like to buy some nice pearls, send them my way, ;)

I also splurged on some pressed glass beads. I've been crushing on drops lately, so I got some. They were a tad larger than I expected, but way worthy, as now, I have an extensive stash of drops to make those yummy "Lotus" rings!!!!
They look like yummy little hard candies. I got green, blue, amethyst, black, and clear... Jin, let me know what color you'd like for your ring, k? LOL!!!

I've already planned the next order, and can't wait to get them... More pearls, in different sizes, shapes and colors... More glass beads (I can get drops, fishies, flowers, hearts, stars, you name it...), and silver findings... I have found that as my skills improve, I've been adding better findings to my work, sort of a jeweller's way of "raising the bar".

And I'm being a smart monkey. I mentionned at the beginning that I only photographed half of the "Stash", well, the other half is slotted for sale. I will be making all of my investment back, and then some!!!! Which will quickly be reinvested into my business, and I'll still have an acceptable amount of beads to play with in my personal stash. It's win-win: My beady friends are getting a huge deal, 'cause I'm still selling these way less than retail.

I love it!


jin said…
Oooo...beautiful pearls!!
Lovely teardrops!!
I think I like the green ones best!!
You KNOW I love that lotus ring...I have to wait until after wedding cake season...then I'll have some extra $'s.
Jewels said…
Cookies, girlie, cookies is what I want! Remember the bartering system? I'm all for it!!!! ;)
jin said…
Cool!!! Would certainly be willing to do that! Am working (ok,'s taking me too long!) on a photoblog with cookie pics & descriptions (it will include recommendations for shipping!). Until that's up, you can download a brochure, with quite a few of our sweets listed, at - it's on the main page.

You really only started beading a year ago???????
Jewels said…
LOL!!! No, Jin, I only started 'bead crochet' about a year ago... I was introduced to beading about 25 years ago, at the tender age of 8, by my Native American Grandmother. She planted the seed, and I've been tending the plant ever since!
In that time span, I've amassed a plethora of skills and techniques. I can now proudly aver that I am profiscient in at least 45 different beading techniqes. I know that sound like a lot, but there are quite a bit more.

K, I'll be checking out those cookies soon. I have been touting your incredible edibles to anyone who'll listen. I know you're nowhere near me (geographically), but I can't stop telling people about your delicious concoctions. I hope to travel to your neck of the woods some day, and step foot into your beautiful bakery. I want the whole experience of feeling the atmosphere, breathing in the wonderful aromas, and if I manage to pop in around 9:00 am on a Friday, perhaps you could plug in the old coffee grinder, 'casue I'd love to meet Ruth. ;)
jin said… you can tell I'm a 'virgin beader' lol! Well, I can see that you do an AWESOME job!

That would be SO COOL if you were to visit here!!! I'd roll out the red carpet & plug in the coffee grinder!!!

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