I'm in the Bead Bugle Brag Page!!!!

Well, my "Eggplant Drops" didn't make it as a project into the Beadwork magazine, but the Beadbugle.com took it for their brag page, check it out here: http://www.beadbugle.com/html/bead_scene_t1.html
The second one, that's my baby! Things are a movin' an' a shakin' now !




The Lone Beader said…
That's a lovely necklace! Definately worth bragging about! I haven't tried bead crochet, yet but plan to someday. Also, thanks for sharing that link; I might submit something to them in the future. Congratulations to you.
Jewels said…
Thank you Diana.

And congratulations to you as well, I think it's awesome that your piece is featured in W.O.R.D.

I can't wait to see mine in there too! I'm also dying to have a project published.
jin said…
Great necklace! Nice that they included your decription in that link!

Good job!!! :-)

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