A few new pices

This necklace I actually completed back in November, for my BFF's birthday. I'd always wanted to try my hand at a Peyote toggle, and this was the result. I was pretty impressed with it, forgoing the usual Peyote ring to go with it, I decided to design the clasp around these cool vintage wooden rings I salvaged from a necklace I bought at a flee market about 20 years ago... ahem. Yes, well, I have been beading for a while... Did I tell you my mom used to eat beads? I beaded in the womb, yes I did! ;)

The ends were embellished with 10mm Peacock pearls, and some wooden rondelles.
I just love the organic feel of this necklace, everything just fell into place naturally, and it looks so good on!
(well, yes, I'm bragging a little bit, but I'm really proud of it!)

So for Yule, I decided to gift M with a matching bracelet, so she'd have a nice set. Of course, the pieces can certainly be worn together, or by themselves. I still had some of the beads pre-strung on the string, but wasn't sure how I was going to finish this particular piece. I like the look of bracelets sans clasps, personally. So, my connundrum was how to design a bangle that would incorporate the same elements that were in the necklace... (that little Jeopardy tune played in my head for quite some time before I came up with it!) o_O
And here it is! The Dangle Bangle! (Hey! If you've got a better name for it, be my guest! That's the best I could do...)
I dug into my wooden ring stash again, and slid it onto the body of the bangle before joining the ends. My biggest challenge these days is doing the invisible join on my ropes. It's tricky, but oh so worth it!
Then I made a little bead ring to attach to the wooden ring, and beaded a pretty little tassel using the same pearls. I didn't have the necklace right in front of me, so I forgot about the rondelles, but, honestly, I like the tassel just the way it is.
Slides on perfectly, no obstruction whatsoever.


I'm happy to report that M LOVED it!
As a matter of fact, she told me so again today! :)
And she's quite pleased that her next present will be the matching earrings! LOL!


Not Ashley said…
Thanks so very much!

They are just beautiful, just like their creator.
Pretty jewels around a pretty neck!!
Jewels said…
Thanks M! :D

And I made them for someone who is equally beautiful!

Matching earrings next? ;)
Jewels said…
Aw, thanks Phosie!
Zaz said…
tres joli, julie :-)
je n'ai pas repondu a ta question mais en lisant mon post sur noel tu comprendra.
sinon il y a qq chose que j'aime que je voudrais que tu voies: http://www.jewelryartistmagazine.com/beadfest/classes/index.cfm?action=class&classid=2305

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