Contest: Name that line!

This new design has got me stumped, or perhaps I'm just in a minor naming slump. ;)

I can't seem to be able to come up with anything I find suitable to name this line! Not only do I have brand new bangles, but I've gone ahead and designed some cute little earrings to match! Help!
Can anybody help me?

As you can see, the design is suitable to many colors (okay, so I've only got three pictured so far, but trust me, the deep red one is To. Die. For.!)

For some reason, my camera does not like to photograph this deep blue at its truest. It's actually closer to a deep cobalt, so yummy!

Hm, now about a prize... Let's me see here.

Oh! I got it!

To the winner go the spoils: The person who comes up with the perfect name for this line will receive one of these lovely bangles, in their color choice! (which shall be shipped anywhere in the World!)

Who wouldn't like a custom piece? :D

So, who's gonna play? And don't be shy, tell your friends to come play too!

Oh, and PS: Boys, you should definitely play, even if you won't wear the bangle, perhaps a lovely lady in your life would like it? Hm?

Contest closes January 26th, 8:00 pm, E.S.T.

Good luck!


Ace said…
I playing over on FB! I even entered twice! Now I can win! Yay! Munkee!
Anonymous said…
How about "Suspangle" ? Suspended yet connected bangle is what came to mind when I saw these...lovely !

Jewels said…
Ace, you can play here too! Get your lady in on it too, I bet she'd like one for herself! ;)
Jewels said…
Suspangle, I LIKE IT! :D
Thanks Fiona!
Sarah said…
I love them!
How about The Jingle Jangle Bangle, and Jingle Jangle Earrings.
Jewels said…
Thank you Sarah!

The name is duly added to the list! :D
Carlene said…
Those bracelets are awesome!!!

I'm thinking "Dancing Circles". Cuz the little dangles can dance around.
Jewels said…
Mmm, dancing circle suits me in more ways than you know.
As a belly dancer, I took part in many dancing circles :)
Thank you Carlene!

I've got a good selection of choices between you guys and the facebook group! Yay!
Backyard Beads said…
These are really, really cute! I LIKE dangle bangles. I think it fits them perfectly!
Looks like little gemmy key rings, I'd call it Keys to the Heart. As always, excellent work!! (and I am not trying to butteryou up so I can win when I say that)
Gnat of Glass said…

Colors, driftwood, the perls hanging like a small jellyfish. It reminded me of the beackoning call of the Gulf Of Mexico.

Andrew said…
I am thinking moon goddess. Been reading some about Odin as of late and would call these "the Freya series".
lori said…
I love them all they are beautiful the blue reminds me of waterand the other of pebbled beaches so i would have to say crashing waves
Jewels said…
All such good guesses!

Between the facebook link and here, I've got over 30 names to pick from! You guys are awesome!

Thank you all for playing, I'll be posting the winning name tomorrow in the am! Yay! (if I can narrow it down!) o_O

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