Busy Bee Bangles

No, no! That's not what I'm naming them, although... ;)

So, yes, I've been a busy little bee. As of last night, I had completed 16 new bangles, with 6 more bodies waiting to be joined. As of tonight, add another 7 to that! :D

Yes, I am pleased as punch, and think my recent productivity will lead to fruitfulness. Well, I hope, anyway...

I've been making these with 6/0's, but the gunmetal ones are 8/0's, and I really like the look of them as well.

Tools of the trade.
My trusty 1.25 hook and my teeny bonsai scissors. (they're tiny, and sharp, and I LOVE them!)
This is an original bead soup, using remnants from projects past (my favorite soups, really. Just like my chicken soup: everything but the sink!) :)

I might endeavor to make a few more plain bangles with some other remnant bead soups that are kicking around, and once those are done, I believe I'll get back to those 'Dangle Bangles' I was talking about in my previous post. I know I really should be spending some time with the light box, photographing these last pieces, but when the productivity bug bites, I like to just go with the flow, you know? Besides, the natural lighting's gonna be off for a few days, we've had some really cold snaps lately, and as of today, the skies were way to gray. What? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! ;)


bee said…
well busy bee is so much in fashion and demand.
Jewels said…
Touché Bee! ;)

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