We've got a Winner!

Spring Blossoms

The contest was so much fun, but it's finally come to an end! I didn't have as much response on Blogger as I would have hoped, but it was quite the hit on Facebook :)

Here is the combined list of suggested names:

Linda Jones: "Fanbangles"
Carolyn Dussault: "Ring of Fire"
Katharine T. von Stackelberg: "Pleiades"
Gisela Kingsbury: "Ringling Circus"
Eric Strauss: "Dangle Bangle" or "Earth, Water,..."
Carolyn Shannon: "Dancing Duo" for the earrings
Maria Mauro: "Kashmir" or "Bangle-Desh" (LOL!), "Infinity", "Beau Jangles" (LOVES it!)
Nancy Dale: "Connections"
Melissa Sedore-Bélanger: "Angel Dangles"
Patricia Tassery-Stefani: "Ushuaïa"
Crystal Stanislawek: "Within", & "In The Loop"
Joyce Bazzaz: "Seven Brides", "Port d'Attache"
Vikki Ecker-Thibeault: "Circles of Eternity"
Suzanne Gabriel: "Winter's Harvest", "Les Rêves d'Hiver", ou "Les Oeuvres d'Hiver"
Dawn Karkach: "Colours of Spirit"
Jituska Triesz: "Eternal Nocturnal", "Caviar Dreams", or "Hoop-la" (awesome!), "Transcendent Iridescence"
Johanne Blondin: "Peacock-Boo"
Shelly Zulak-Labay: "Soulful Nature" or "Soulful Natural"
Nicole Ciali: "The Majestic", "Harmony"
John Lindquist: "star spangled bangle", "angled bangles", "jangley bangles", "beady Bangle" or "blue mornings dawn"
Tracy Murida Gardiner: "Iceland Charms"
Stéphane Richer: "Wicked Beads" (But I can't go with this, 'cause that's too close my friend Linda's business name)
Julie Grand: "Coral Reef", "Ocean Floor"
Selena Blancato: "Fruits of the Vine", "Little Charmers"
Louise Mayer: "Trinity"
Jennifer Pasquill: "Tasselicious" (seconded by Valerie Brown)

Sarah: "The Jingle Jangle Bangle, and Jingle Jangle Earrings" (totally CUTE!)
Carlene: "Dancing Circles" (Adored that one!)
Backyard Beads: Echoed "Dangle Bangle" (which was the original name I'd given them, so I put it back in the hat! :D )
Phos: "Keys to the Heart" (See Phos? I KNEW you were a big softy!)
Gnatt: "Beckon" (now that's cool!)
Andrew: "Freya" series (Andrew, you and I think along similar lines, I too am familiar with the Norse Goddess of Love and Fertility, I think I know her, actually... LOL!)
Lori: "Crashing Waves" (They sort of sound like crashing waves!)


After putting all of my favorites in a hat, I worked in the elimination process, until there were two left. It was a tossup, literally, a coin toss was the only way I could get through!

It was Heads for "Hoop-Là" [my little twist on it ;) ], and Tails "Tassellicious".
Drum roll please!

HEADS! For Hoop-Là!
Jituska wins the prize!

Thank you so much for playing everyone. I had a blast hosting this contest, and hope that you'll play in any future events, 'cause I'm positive I'll be having many, many more of these! :)




Carl said…
A great name for a beautiful bangle.
Gnat of Glass said…
Ok I think you should make something with Beckon in mind so that you can just submit it for the next round and I will by default.Beckon.

So much like Bacon, how can you not love that. Beckon.

Jewels said…
Thank you Carl.

You have lovely bangles on your site as well :)
Jewels said…
Gnat, your totally right: I will come up with a 'Beckon' line! :)
It is a cool name, but I'm not so sure about bacon... o_O

Pencio said…
Il est très beau ton bracelet avec sa petite breloque fleurie.
Jewels said…
Merci Isabelle, moi, c'est ta nouvelle écharpe que je veux! ;)
Crap, lost again. At least now I don't have to get my ears pierced
used to think "what do French Girls from Niagara know about jewelry." Now I know what incredible talent they really have, even if they talk funny.

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