The Twisty Scarf: And Exersice in Insanity.

I started making this scarf on a whim last year, after purchasing my first instructional crochet book. I, of course, had just been on a yarn shopping excursion, and had oodles to choose from, so, after learning how to create ruffles, I was hit by one of those 'what if' moments... And did I EVER have my work cut out for me!

Not being one to take things, shall we say, lightly, I decided to start said scarf with a 220 single stitch chain. Each of these had 4 treble (or triple) crochets hooked into them (say it with me now, that makes for 880 stitches!).

I returned with one treble in each of these 880 stitches, and crocheted 2 treble crochets in each stitch on the fourth row (I'm losing count, what is that now? Oh yeah: 1760 treble crochet stitches.) :D
(insert insane laugh here...)

Alright, you ready? Not being daunted by the task at this point, I thought that the gorgeous Fuchsia Lacette yarn (very, very, very thin yarn...) would make the PERFECT accent for the edge of the scarf, and really pull out the hot pink in the beige/pink/brown yarn I'd chosen for the body. Now, because the Lacette is so thin, I had to make 5 (FIVE!) treble crochet stitches in EACH of the last 1760 stitches
You ready?
Here is my gorgeous Twisty Scarf.
Total stitches: 8800
Total hours: (hm, let me see here... I couldn't work on it much more than 2-3 hours at a time every day, and was working on it since, what? April? Let's say I was working on it 2 days a week... I'm gonna round it out to) 120 hours!
Total yarn: Two large balls of bouclé, two small balls of Lacette

Yes, I'm officially insane!

But OMG! Look at the gorgeous scarf I made myself! And it's One Of A Kind!

Alright, alright, I'm still insane.... ;)


Gnat of Glass said…
Still in the market for a couple of those rings if you still want to trade out for a pumpkin. I have the ring size now.

Also, I just posted about MiniMolli's knitting stuff on Etsy you should put some stuff up there.

Jewels said…
I sent you an email Scott. Let me know the details, and I'll get to work on them. (I'd send you some of the ones I had, but, they all SOLD!) :D

Mini's stuff is awesome! I'm still on the fence about that whole Etsy business, but who knows...
A crotched boa, cool. My daughter has really got into crochet,made my grandson a cool little ninja action figure.
MiniMolli said…
This is pretty! And I know what you mean about the endless hours. I knitted a scarf similar to this last year. I couldn't belive how long it took, but it sold the very first day!

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