How to Wear a Lariat

Lariats are long rope style necklaces that can be worn in so many ways. Here are a few suggestions on how you can display them.
Of course, these are only a few examples, and the possibilities are merely limitted by your imagination.

Triple Wrap, Double Knot: Wrap around the back, around the front, and the back again, bringing the ends back to the front. Tie two square knots.

Double Knots: Quite easy to achieve, simply pass the rope over your neck, grab both ends, and make two square knots, onver over the other, for that "Chinese Knot" look.

Overhand Knot: After slipping the rope over your neck, grab both ends, and tie them into an overhand knot. A quick tip if you have large embellishements on the ends: Stagger the ends of the rope before tying, for a more decorative look. (Also good if you have large glass beads or stones, to avoid having them "Clank" together)

One Wrap, One knot: Holding both ends, wrap from front to back, and pass the ends back to the front. Tie a single square knot, and Voilà!

The Slipthrough: After slipping the rope over your neck, grab both ends, and tie them into an overhand knot.


jin said…
O M G !!!
I bet you beaded all those teensy little beads didn't you?!!?

Totally AMAZING!
(But you know that!!! ;-)
Jewels said…
Thanks Jen!

Well OF COURSE I DID!!!!! I wouldn't put up someone else's work now, would I??? LOL!!!!

I'm still waiting for you to answer my "Sundries" question from my last email... ;)
jin said…
I know...I meant to send you another one tonight...was in a rush to scan that stuff last night.

I have a very small nook...with some very unique items.
1. tarot decks
2. trivets made of wine corks
3. hand-sewn doll clothes
4. greeting cards made out of photographs of local flowers jewelry? I think that'd look nice there! ;-)

(I let friends & relatives bring their creations in...I don't charge anything for having it here. I think it adds to the atmosphere!)
Jewels said…
I have a proposal for you. Let's twawk! ;) I'll email it to you.
Sarebear said…
I can't help wishing I had the figure and the cleavage to show these off! Well, I AM large, but everywhere, not just the cleavage . . .hee!
Jewels said…
the trick is accenting what you "Like". ;) It's a state of mind, I suppose. I personally don't care whether I'm wearing these with a dress or jeans & a T-shirt. I just wear them, lol!

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