Pour Madamme Josée

Mme. Josée is my daughter's teacher. We actually had a chance to get closer, as not only did she teach my daughter, but also inadvertently became one my MY students at the gym. Today was the last day of school, and I wanted to offer her something really special, so that she would remember her time with us. Her husband got a job back in Québec, which means that she will be leaving us permanently. So Jaimée will not get to see her even in passing when she returns to school come September. A few weeks back, I went to help her and the kids make stretchy bracelets for their mommies for Mother's Day, and everyone had a wonderful time (Mme Josée was really impressed with the children's skills at manipulating the smallish beads on the elastic). That day, she commented on the bracelet I was wearing, which is a design I found a few years back in one of the trade magazines, called "Trellis Weave". It's a beautiful Daisy Stitch variation, and works up quite quickly.

So I made her one this morning, and then walked to school to pick up Jaimée, and to hand deliver her gift. The card said (in french of course, LOL):

"Pour Mme Josée;
This bracelet represents a Fushia Trellis; a beautiful, vivacious yet delicate plant, that requires a lot of love and tender care, much like our children.
We are so happy that Jaimée had you as her first instructor. We will never forget 'Mme Josée'.
Thank You"

I could tell she was very touched by the gift, we will truly miss her, as she will always be Jaimée's very first teacher. She will always have a special place in our hearts.



jin said…
That's sweet!

And, as always, the bracelet is ADORABLE!!!
LJ said…
You're amazing, Jewels. It's a lovely gift, a lovely piece. I'm getting very lame with the adjectives here, I realize...but so admire your work.

My computer is going to the computer hospital...so I'll be back to visit when it returns.

Until then, good work, good feelings.
Jewels said…
Thank you ladies. I bumped into Mme José yesterday, just before getting to work, and she thanked me again for the bracelet. I get a genuine sensation that she indeed liked it, and that's what mattered most to me. I get such a great feeling from that.

Linda, I sure hope your computer has a swift recovery. However, being a bit selfish, I can't wait to see that gauntlet finished, so perhaps this will give you more time to work on it, LOL!!!

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