Oopsy! A few more pieces...

TeeHee! How could I forget? I also made a new style of necklace, inspired by a piece I saw on Laura McCabe's site (Goddess knows, I certainly can't afford her kits at the moment, but her work is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!)

The full view, and a closeup. I used "cap" flowers in three sizes, small drops, glass leaves, and freshwater pearls. I think it turned out quite nicely, and am considering sending IT in place of the other set I made for my mom for mother's day. These are "Her" colors... ;)

Oh, and check these little gems out! I have a friend whom I believe could use a few in her bakery ;) ...
They'd look abso-freakin-fabulous in that gorgeous tree she has in there....


jin said…
*jin squeals with delight!!!*
Cute, cute, cute!!!
(The top necklace is gorgeous, too!!!)
hmmm....I need to think up a new word for amazing...have I overused it yet?
Jewels said…
Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, I can just imagine you squealing too! LOL!!! Honestly tho, I think they'd look so awesome in that tree of yours. Tell me, when's your B.day?
jin said…
Sept. 12th.
Your turn.
When's yours?
Jewels said…
August 8th, I'm a big'ole roaring lion! LOL!
Yay! we know each other's B.days!!!! LOL!
LJ said…
Alright now. I just plain WANT this one. The necklace. I covet the necklace!!
Jewels said…
LOL! Oh LJ, you'd be amazed at just how simple it is to create. I'm sure if you study it long enough, you'll figure it out in no time! But if you like, contact me off-line, and I'll see if I can't write you up a short tute.

Thanks for stopping by!

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