Pearls Galore!!!!

Okay, so I went a little stir crazy with my pearls today. I just couldn't help it, they were begging me to play with them! So here's what I came up with:

Pairs #1 and 2 were made with the golden blister pearls, I added some purple glass trumpet flowers to the second pair. I love the look of the pearl clustering off of the sterling silver chain segments. Very rich...

With pairs 3 and 4, I experimented with the smaller white freshwater pearls, but kept the chain design going. The first headpins I used for the first 2 pairs were a bit large for the holes of the smaller pearls, so I had to spend a considerable amount of time reaming them. Saddly, I broke the diamond tip off of my smallest attachment in one of the pearls... By the 4th pair, I remembered that I had some finer sterling silver headpins that would be perfect for them, but this meant I'd have to get busy with some wire wrapping, as opposed to simple loops... Well, I'm not one to shy away from a little extra work, so I went for it! LOL! I am NOT dissapointed with this last one, and I'm tempted to keep these for myself. Which means I'll have to contact my suppliers and see who can give me a better price on SS headpins, because I have a feeling this is going to be a popular model... Especially with me! LOL!!!




jin said…
*** jin shouts ***



(They're ALL gorgeous! But that's my personal FAVE!!!)
Jewels said…
LOL! Mine Too!
I have to go out to get extra headpins today, I'm hooked on these. Love, Love, LOVE them! For the next pair, I'm using these gorgeous bronzey freshwater pearls. Ooooohhh!
LJ said…
Yum. Gold and purple. My favorite. Pearls have such a gorgeous look to them, Jewels. They positively drip elegance! These are beautiful.

PS..Did you ever get the bracelet done after your that Very Bad Thread Incident?
Jewels said…
LOL! Yes LJ! Yes I did! Saddly, I didn't have the chance to photograph it before giving it to my friend, but she's assured me that I'd be able to 'borrow' it (as long as she's still wearing it, LOL!) to show it off... I'm still working on making the pearl one. The base is halfway done. It looks scrumptious so far tho... Thanks for stopping by.

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