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I've been a busy girl in the last week. I could never get my hands on our camera (DH is a camera hog...), so today, I grabbed my chance, and took my work outside; here are the latest pieces:

The first one finished was the Ndebele rope to go with the beaded bead I made a few weeks back. I kid you not, I spent a good 8.5 hours making the rope ALONE! Those little black beads are size 12/0. (for you 'non-beaders' that's anywhere bewteen a small sesame seed, and a poppy seed...) I made it so the bead is removable. That way, the necklace can be worn with, or without the B.B. The accent on the side is actually an integral part of the design, and was created by implementing some of the same beads found in the B.B

I then made a few crochet ropes with these neat "Half & Half" (size5/0 )beads I found on my last trip to the John Bead warehouse (Man, that was a trip in itself. You haven't lived 'til you've shopped for beads with a shopping cart. A SHOPPING CART!!!!!! LOL!) . I had my girlfriend Terri make me a lampwork heart, in black and white, to match the rope. She made a few prototypes, and I'm thinking of making this into a 3-Rope set, and purchase another heart. Here are the ropes so far:

I was going to put the heart on the first rope I made (the one in the center), but once it was on there, I found it just 'dissappeared', and frankly, if I'm going to spend $30 on a bead, I want it to stand out... I just happened to have an old "Indian" lampwork kicking around that suited the rope much better.

Then I thought "Well, I bought the heart, now I need to make a rope for IT..." ;) ... So on the second rope, I simply alternated the 5/0s with some matte black 6/0s. I think it looks pretty sharp! These ropes are made without clasps, so they're actually long enough to simply slip over your head.


jin said…
OMG!!! Can you say, AMAZING?!!?
Those tiny beads! I zoomed in to check out the big as poppyseeds!
Um, did I say AMAZING? LOL
You do fantastic work, jewels!!!
Jewels said…
Yup! they're small alright. At my last bead society meeting, one of the members walked in, and went right to the "Show & Tell" table. We just diplay the pieces, no names or nothing. She picked up this very necklace, and from accross the room, she yelled: "Hey, Jewels!", I turned around, looked at her, she lifts the necklace up higher, and adds: "You're CRAZY!" LMAO... She's a local bead store owner, so she sees a lot of beadwork on a daily basis, but she tells me that nobody brings in stuff that looks like mine. I'm thinking that's a good thing, 'cause I don't want to see stuff like mine, I want it to be unique, like me! LOL!
It would take one AMAZING artist to know one, Jen. Your cakes are absolute works of art, it bears repeating. ;)
Ooooh, I can't wait until the day I can sink my teeth into one of your concoctions.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Good things come to those who wait...
LJ said…
Go Jewels! Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff!
I love the necklace, and that heart is really awesome!
Jewels said…
Thank you TJR, and Welcome to my Beadoir!

I'm still waiting for another B&W 'Terri Elliot' heart, so that I can complete this three-piece set.

Thanks for stopping by, and for the ad.

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