Iya's Necklace

Ryen (Iya) called me 5 days ago, and left a message wanting to know if I could make her a necklace to go with her prom dress. Adding: "But if you can't, that's okay too...." Yeah, right! Like I won't make my step-daughter a necklace for such a special occasion! Pfff! What-EVER!!!! LOL!

As any good designer would do, I start with the questions:
Q: Do you have anything particular in mind?
A: No. Well, I don't want a choker...
Me: Okay. What about colors? (I haven't seen teh dress yet...)
Her: Well, Black and green.
Me: Okay. So black and green, and you don't want a choker.
I proceed to send her an assortment of photos of necklaces I have in my "Reference" archives here, and she settled on a lovely netted design. I didn't want it to be to "Over the Top", even though it WAS her prom, but she said she loved the design. Nevertheless, I DID use some artistic license, and altered it to 'scale', as she is on the Petite side. So here it is:
My own design, based on a much more elaborate "Nefertiti Collar" I've done in the past (I love those collars, but where can I wear them, except at my Belly Dance recitals?...)
She said she loved it, so I'm assuming she did... I can't wait to see it with the dress on, they should look smashing together.



Sarebear said…
That does look smashing! Goes PERFECTLY with the dress, and with her!
Jewels said…
Hi Sara, and Welcome!

Well, I spoke with her on the phone late last night, and she said she still had it on, so I'm thinking she likes it. (she's not a super demonstrative kid, so sometimes, it's hard to tell)

Now, on to the NEXT custom order, LOL!

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