Topaz Tzarinna is IN!!!

I submitted this piece to Beadwork Magazine to be posted in the Readers Gallery of the mag. I don't know if I made it to the actual printed mag, but I am so proud that it actually made it to the online gallery. You are in the presence of one seriously happy little girl right now!!!!

Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful!!!

You can see her here:

They didn't add my website addy, but hey, they spelled my name right! Happy dance, happy dance!


jin said…
Excellent write-up & bracelet!!!
Beautiful, as always!
Jewels said…
Thank you!!!! It's one of my more involved designs, but so worth it.
LJ said…
Most gorgeous! I absolutely love your work, Jewels. And congratulations!!! You more than deserve it.
Jewels said…
Thank you Linda. I'm trying to come up with a tutorial for this one (more than a few requests for it...) I really like the look of step-by-step photos, but I'm thinking I may have to practice working in one of the graphics building program. Back to school I go... LOL!
Anonymous said…
holy shit! this is really beautiful stuff, jewels. i have always thought your jewelery was gorgeous, but i just can't believe how you keep getting more and more creative, and your pieces just keep getting more and more beautiful! Wow...this bracelet is phenomenal. So is the necklace in the blog posting below it (looks like a faery necklace!)...
Je t'aime! Manners xo

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