Naming a Line

K, let me clarify that title: Naming a line, not as in a string, or a thread, or anything like that, but naming a line, or 'collection' of pieces of 'great similarities, yet different nonetheless'.

I never thought I'd go this route with my work, preferring to produce "One-off" pieces, rather than mass producing lines. But it was swiftly brought to my attention that most buyers would much rather buy from a line of creations, from which they can pick and chose ... I mean, I can honestly say that I've never tried to duplicate any of my pieces. I still don't. I'll make many variations on a color scheme, using some of the same beads (as in my "Lentil" bracelets, for example), but I've never made the same piece twice. There are just so many possibilities. And besides, that would be terribly unrewarding for me... I'm on a constant quest for creativity, and producing the same thing over and over again would drive me up the wall!

So, back to this naming lines business. It can be daunting. You want the name to seem meaningful to others as well as yourself. I've been hunting the darkest deepest reecesses of my brain to locate a name for the lentil bracelets. I seem to always come back to the same words: Twist, Spiral, Helix, and other words along that nature; because the lentils seem to spiral along... but I can't seem to find just the 'right' word...

As well, I was looking at naming these new fuzzy pieces, and I just thought that anything with the words Fuzzy, or Wuzzy, would be too juvenile. I want something more 'mature' and classy sounding. Funny thing happenned this morning. I was just finishing two new ones, attaching the clasps and such, when all of a sudden, the word 'Hirsute' kept popping into my mind. Now, I'm a smart girl, but for some reason, I just couldn't remember what hirsute means... So I looked it up, and 'Lo & Behold!
Hirsute: noun. Hairy, or Shaggy
Hah! Now if that just didn't drop into my lap! I'm going to call this the "Hirsutus Collection", LMAO!!! Huh? Huh? What'dya think? Suitable? Now it's back to the 'ole drawing board for the lentil pieces...


jin said…

Oh Jewels!!!
"Hirsutus Collection"
:-D :-D :-D

I LOVE when my 'celestial' friends put ideas in my head like that.
The more you listen, the more they talk! ;-)
Jewels said…
Isn't that the truth? You know what I find the funniest? It's that everybody can tap into it, but most just don't 'listen'...

Yes, I'm sold on Hirsutus Collection, it just sounds so neat! ;)
TeAntae said…
I love the name of the collection. Hirsutus! It sounds so exotic yet there's this hidden funny ha ha about it. =)

I must say I don't see why you have to reproduce anything. Yes, some people feel more "comfortable" buying something that's in a collection or is branded (Tiffany, Gucci, etc...). I also think that one of's are far more exciting. Knowing that I own something that is truly all mine makes me giddy. That or I'm just weird that way.

Well of course you can do both, have a line or two of reproduceable stuff and then several one of a kinds to keep your creativity intact.

*smooch* Babe.
Jewels said…
You know, I keep thinking, even if I DO create a line, my pieces will always be unique, as I will not duplicate any of the designs... I'll just follow the 'pattern' ;) I mean, I invariably always bump into a [potential]customer who'll always start with "Oh, I love this piece, but do you think you could make it in (insert color here), or use (type of beads)....? So, I figure, if someone wanted one in a particular color, with particular beads, I could try to make the pieces ahead of time...;)

See, there's a method to my madness! Ha! Ha! Ha! ha! Ha!!!!!!!

Mandi said…
Awesome necklace = ) ...and I'm totally diggin' the name Hirsutus Collection

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