Lentil Twist Bracelets

Well, I told you I'd share some pics when these were done, and here they are. The only name I've come up for them so far is "Lentil Twist"... Catchy? I'm not sure, but we'll see... So first of all, here are a few shots of them finished:

And here is a small collection of a few more... I only managed to photograph 12 today (as well as the accompanying earrings) - I've got 9 more in the box. You know, being a one-woman band is a whole lotta work! I mean, not only am I designing my own jewellery lines, but I have to produce them. Then, I have to photograph them in their best 'light', then upload them to the site, which I'm also designing/operating on my own, and then get them out in this world... I'm also in the midst of creating a digital catalogue in the hopes that this will facilitate a wholesale client's order(s).

Based on my pricing formula, the asking price for these lovelies will be $57.50.
I think that's fair, considering the quality of the materials involved. All the beads are glass, and I use a Sterling silver "S" clasp.

The Hoops!
(are $12.50/pair)

I have a few of these in my personal collection. Um, well, I have 5... WITH matching earrings of course... ;) All you girls who make your own stuff out there, I know you hear me. I know you know just how hard it is to 'let go' of your babies. How sometimes, you just have to hold on to a few, for 'safekeeping' ;) LOL!

Peace Out!



jin said…
OOoooo.....LOVE these bracelets!
Lentil like in the food?
Or is it a beading term?

MORE hoops! Yippee!!! LOL

jin likes hoops.
bet u didn't know that?!!?

Jewels said…
Well, I most certainly knew! LOL! I'm so happy for you, about your mom's windfall. That's wonderful. For all of you. Hopefully, this will let you get back on your feet, and you'll feel less financial stress. It'll all work out in the end. I have faith that your shoppe will be an (incr)edible success ;)
Jewels said…
Oh, and lentil as in the 'bead'. They're sort of shaped like a flat lentil, with a top-drilled, front to back hole. U can see them in the "Czechbeads" post ;)

Have a wonderful day!
Dan said…
Jewels, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm looking at these beautiful bands and I'm imagining what cool yoga props they would make! ;)
Jewels said…
Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, you could use them as 'stretchers' if they were made at the right length... Hmmm, beaded yoga accessories..... ;)
jin said…
Jewels...Dan needs a beaded yoga THONG methinks!

(He's a bit of a perv, y'know. ;-)

LMAO @ "(incr)edible"
I HAVE to use that sometime!!!
Love the green bracelet - reminds me of peridot. Excellent work!!
Jewels said…
Thank you Phos! And I love these 'Olivine' lentils for the same reason: Peridot is my birthstone! More to come!
The Lone Beader said…
I have a weakness for bracelets:)
TeAntae said…
Pretties! Love the lentil bracelets. The name makes me giggle in a good way. Almost sounds like candy, "Lentil Twist"... "Lemon Twist"... =)

And being lentils, they should feel really good on. Not pokey.

And yes, I know exactly what you mean. I have a hard enough time giving stuff to my mom, especially since she's my acid test. She can destroy just about anything I give her, she's so hard on stuff. LOL!

Beautiful work as always. Jeez! I've got to take a break and go play with my beads. I can hear them calling me and looking very lonely.
Jewels said…
Hint, hint Diana? LOL! Thanks for dropping by, I took a peek at your Datsun, it's starting to really come together now. I can't wait to see it finished!

Hey T! "Lentil Twist! Lentil Twist! Lentil Twist!"... You giggling yet? LOL! Now that you mention it, it DOES kinda sound like candy, doesn't it? See, I was trying to go for 'classy' names for my lines, but perhaps I should consider 'tasty' names? Hmmmm.....
Mandi said…
Yea for lentil beads! I like to use em when making ornaments. So umm... takin orders for those beaded thongs ; )
LJ said…
Jewels! These are GREAT! I love them.
I've been trying to comment for SO long...and blogger is malfunctioning like crazy and taking hours. BUT, here I am. And it's wonderful work!
Jewels said…
LOL Mandi! Like I said in your comment box, I'll take orders, I'll make'em, but don't bring them to ME for REPAIRS!!! ('Cause I'll KNOW where they've been!) :P

Hi Linda. Thanks. Yeah, Blogger likes to mess with us like that. I swear, the programmers at blogger like to sit around, looking for ways to piss us off. Comment posting and photo uploading are just a few of the wrenches they like to throw our way...

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