"RE" Naming a Line...

Alright. I've revised my line name for the fuzzy pieces. I kinda like "Hirsutus", but like one friend said, whenever she hears the word hirsute, she instantly visualizes hairy backs and shoulders... LMAO!!!!!!!!!

Well, I wouldn't want anybody to have those visuals whenever they hear the name of any of my collections. ;)
So... I came up with something better! Well, at least I think it is. Actually, I'm having a difficult time chosing between two names.

Choice #1 for the new line is:

the "Mink Collection", and I can assure you, that no minks will be hurt in the process of their fabrication.

Choice #2 is:

the "Vixen Collection". Again, no vixen shall be harmed in the process.

So, I was wondering, which one would YOU pick? I need your help! I like them both.




I like "Mink collection" because when I think of mink I think of fur.
Jewels said…
Welcome Leane! I'm also partial to that one. It certainly sounds classy. ;)
TeAntae said…
Hmm... choices... I still like Hirsutus but I understand the possible bad side. Hmm...

Of the two, I'd probably go with Mink as it does evoke the fuzziness of your work. I like Vixen but my personal symbology sees women in high heels, smoking cigarettes in long holders. Works for me but not what you had in mind.

No matter what you go with, I'm sure it will be fabulous.
How about "Wooly Bear" after the catepillar. They are fuzzy and pretty as well.
Jewels said…
Thanks T&T. Mink is starting to grow on me... Wait, no, I don't have actual mink growing on me, the word is! LOL!

I like that Phos, "Wooly Bear"! Are those the rusty and black ones? I used to love playing with those when I was a kid. I liked poking their midsection and watch them roll into a ball! LOL! Oh the things we did to amuse ourselves as kids... Don't you wish it was still that easy?

I'm going to finish photographing the pieces today. I can't wait to share them with you all.
jin said…
LOL....ok, I'd never buy anything that had 'Mink' in the title...but that's just me! If your clientele are 'snooty' women then it'll probably go over well.

What about a French word? They always sound classier than English! LOL!!!
Jewels said…
LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Well, mink in french, is Bellette! Whadd'ya think? LOL!!!!
jin said…
Oh, HEY! Actually...I LIKE Bellette!!!
Bellette Bracelet
almost rhymes....almost! LOL!
Oh, but they are necklaces...UMMMMMM....yeahhhhhh...so, maybe just forget everything that I said, K?!!?


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