Czechbeads Order

I thought I'd actually post something about beads for a change, rather than bore you with my incessant fatigue, LOL!

So, as I'd mentionned before, I place several orders with some wholesalers, and I thought you'd like to see the Czechbeads order. Look at that teeny box, you wouldn't believe it, but it weighed almost 10 pounds! They sure know how to pack them too. I was not dissappointed with the quality of the materials at all, and will be placing many more orders to this company again. Quick service as well, I'd ordered them on the Saturday afternoon, and they arrived on Tuesday; they're in Washington (west coast) and I'm in St. Catharines, Ontario. I'm impressed!


So, from Czechbeads, I ordered 6 mm Lentils (a flat, top-drilled disk) in: Garnet, Siam Ruby, Turtoiseshell, Montana Blue, Aquamarine, Crystal, Olivine, Smoky Topaz, Amethyst, "Apollo" (Gold), and Silver coated purple. I also got a mass of daggers in Tanzanite (a lovely shade of blue).
I've already got 16 bracelets done, and I've got 4 more already strung up, and ready to crochet!

"Amethyst", "Apollo", and "Montana Blue"

I got some 'Donuts" too: In Black (Iris), and Crystal (Iris) Oooh, wait until you see the pieces I'm making with them! Like nothing you've ever seen! (It'll involve KNITTING!!!) LOL!

I got some small (5 mm across) "spacer" flowers as well, some folks like to use them as spacers or 'beadcaps', I prefer to use them as actual flower embellishments. I got them in Silver, and Crystal.

"Front View"

These ones are much larger, at 16 mm across. I had found some in Toronto, but only in a light 'amber' color. So when I saw that Czechbeads carried them, I thought I'd order some, just to see if they were the same. And they ARE! Of course, I've got plans for each and every single bead in this stash. I'm starting to think that the 'stocking' stage is done, and now comes the 'production' stage... Of course, if I keep sharing them with my friends, I might have to stock up again, sonner rather than later. ;)

Oh, wait, I need to stock up on stringing materials now, don't I? I mean, I need to connect these beads with something!

The extent of the damage: 5 large flowers were harmed in the delivery process. As I said, I'm impressed!

Next up, a write up on Bamyan!



TeAntae said…
You're not excited about all those new beads are you? ;-)
Jewels said…
Nope, not at all... LIEEEEEE!!!!!

LOL! Yeah, I am excited. I'm just working at my order now, and enjoying every moment of it. At least it's one thing that I can look forward to during my days now. ;)
real said…
Those are lovely beads.
Mandi said…
seems like we subconciously buy huge amounts of beads around the same time! I'm expecting a box soon too = )
Jewels said…
Well hello there, Real, I had no idea you were into the beads... ;)

Hey Mandi, thanks for stopping by, it's been a while! Yesssss, funnnny how that happenz................ ;)
LJ said…
Oh yum. I'd be staring at that stuff for hours on end.
Just placed my first order with Bamiyan, Jewels! Nearly went out of my mind when I saw the site.
Have you tried BeaZu (Vancouver)? I'm thinking of getting their catalogue, just because with Canadian, I don't have to pay the damn duty
...I adore the stuff at Czech beads...and find the prices good on most things, but not on Fire Polish (strangely). The selection is out of this world though.
Thanks for the tips - and sharing a peak at your delicious order.
Jewels said…
Oh LJ, you will NOT be dissappointed with Bamyan. Great service there too. And the silver is of great quality. I'm sold, I don't think I'll ever order my silver from anyone else. Beazu's alright, I've been ordering from them since '98, but I think John Bead has a better selection as far as beads go.

So if I had to choose, I'd go Bamyan for silver, J.B. for seedbeads, Czechbeads for pressed glass. I'm still looking for a good Swarovski supplier, but I think I've found a great pearl supplier in China. The only drawback with them, is that the shipment can take up to 8 weeks to get here... Oh well ;)
LJ said…
Czech beads definately has beautiful pressed glass!
Just got my Bamiyan order (one day after I ordered)& I'm SOLD!
Running my fingers through the sterling silver as we speak!
Jewels said…
Yep! I know THAT feeling..... All senses overload! ;) Shiny, isn't it?
jin said…
OOooo...LOVE those little flowers!

I like when you post about these orders you get, too. It's really interesting to see HOW they (the beads) come to you & then to see WHAT you do with them!!!
Pretty effing amazing if you ask me!!! ;-)
Jewels said…
Thanks Jen. I've been hearing that a lot lately. Especially from 'non-beady' friends. Even C's mentionned at some times, how he's always amazed to watch me just sit there in front of multiple piles of lose beads, and to see what I finish with... From a pile of beads, to a bikini bottom... [don't think I ever showed you those...] *G*

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