Hey, check this out. I got a photobucket account today, trying to see if it would make things easier for me to, say, upload a digital catalogue... We'll see. Anyhoo, they've got these cool little doodads called "Widgets", and I got a couple. Thought they'd enhance the look of my blog or something... Anyway, here's the one I chose for the hoop earrings.


jin said…


:-D :-D :-D

Have I ever told you that I like hoops?!!?
Pretty cool, kind of got that 3D theater thing going on.

Looks like we might have to dart Jin to calm her down, about 100cc's of rhino tranquilizers ought to bring her down off the ceiling... It has to be all that sugar!
Jewels said…
Oh Jin. Jin, Jin, Jin... If you only knew just how effective your gasps and squeels are on me. ;) I can't make hoops without thinking of you now! LOL!

Hey Phos? I don't think a dart's in order here. All we have to do is give her a set of hoops, and she'll be quite happy. Just back away slowly Phos, real slow... LMAO!!!
TeAntae said…
Hula Hoops?
Jewels said…
*giggle* I still remember the first time Mimi tried to say Hula Hoop: It came out Hula Poop! LMAOOOOOOOO!!!!
Brioche said…
Hi Auntie Jewels!!!
It's me!
My Mum likes Hoops!!!
*sloppy kisses*
Jewels said…
Awww! Well welcome to my blog Brioche! I know you mummsy likes hoops, she's just mad about them, isn't she? And what do YOU like to wear to adorn yourself my pretty girl?
jin said…
Hey! I did a post today on UNPLUGGED about...you guessed it!
Check it out!
Steven Novak said…
Those hoops are hoop-tastic. ;)

Jewels said…
Thanks, and welcome Steven. Um, would you like a pair? ;)

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