Maria's Bday prezzie

Well, it won't be her birthday until the 6th, but I thought I'd help Maria celebrate a bit early this year. Maria's been working really hard for the last two months. I mean REALLY hard. On top of her full time job, she's also taking on the brunt of the work as her mom's primary caregiver during her illness.
Let's just say, that Maria really needs a break. Already this summer, I had planned to make something special for her special day. Something with pearls. I love giving my friends pearls. They're so special and precious. Just like good friends.

I called Maria first thing yesterday morning. I wanted to make sure she was coming to class today. And to see if she'd be into a little kwafee outing later on. I wanted to give her her prezzies later in the day, but I couldn't resist. When class started, there was only Maria, Barbara and myself in the room, and so I came up to the both of them and showed them my newest creations:

A strung necklace with Clear 4mm Swarovski bicones, tiny natural button pearls, large natural rice pearls, and a silver heart-shaped lobster clasp. Within the same bag, another small white organza bag containing 'Duster' earrings, using the same bead materials, plus, solid silver earwires, and some heart chain. Both Barb and Maria were ooing and aahing over them, when I leaned over to Maria and whispered: "These are for your birthday"
Oh her reaction was priceless: She turned to me and said "REALLY??????!!!???", and put them on right away! I love when people do that. They'll like something so much, they just HAVE to wear it right away. LOL! She even wanted to wear them for class, but I though not! LOL! We had a good class, my girls are getting to be good "Bellay Dansahs" ;)

We later got together for a little girl time. We went to the Fairview mall, stopped in at Chapters, bought a few little trinketty things (I just couldn't resist purchasing some beautiful light pink nesting hat boxes. They'll be perfect to decorate Mimi's room!), then off to Future Shop, where Maria redeemed some kind of 'points', and got herself a brand new Canon Elph digital camera. We walked around the mall for a bit, checked out some purses (like we need any!), some boots (I DEFFINITELY need some!), and I even tried on this kick ass blazer, but didn't get it... Oh well.
Back to Chapters for some deserts, coffee and a chai for moi. We sit, we chat, we drink, eat, and are merry. Well, probably not nearly as merry as we'd like to be. Or even NEED to be, LOL!!! But we had a great Sunday afternoon together. Yay for us!


MeHereNow said…
I love the necklace. The earrings are pretty too but I'm more of a necklace and bracelet kinda girl!!

She must have been delighted! What a lovely present which covers everything - beautiful,original,sought after (obviously!) and probably most important made by one friend for another with her in mind!
I want friends like you! (and jin she makes FOOD my biggest love!)
Actually I think I just want friends -how sad am I?!?
Jewels said…
Awww! Stop it, you're gonna make me cry! Well, we're friends now, aren't we? I think once you start stalking a blog, you can consider that person your friend. Well, at least when they communicate back! LMAO!!!!!

So how was your Halloween? Any trick-or-treating for you?
MeHereNow said…
I don't do the Halloween thing which is a tad bizaar it being the Celtic new year and me being a Celt an all!
No I did a much more convincing impression of scrodge (that's spelt wrong isn't it?!) and refused to answer my door!! Well the damn kids are a right royal pain in the you-know-where the rest of the year I'm not wasting my money buying them sweets!! My evil-eye might cause them to choke on it and I wouldn't want that on my concience would I ?!?!
Nothing like good times and good friends - looks like you made her pretty happy with the necklace!!
Jewels said…
Well MHN, I suppose if you're concerned with the kiddies choking on your candy, then yes, that certainly IS a good excuse not to get them any, LOLOL!!!

Hi Phos, nice to see you back. Hope you're feeling better (no more hospitals now, ya'hear?!) She was very happy with it. I think she wore them to work the very next day!
maria said…
Thanks for the bday prezzie...I LOVE IT, and have worn it every day this week!!

The first comment summed it up perfectly. It is a beautiful present that covers everything, especially since my friend made it special just for me.

Thx :)
Jewels said…
Aww! thanks Maria! I can't tell you how happy I am that you love it so much! Makes me blush! *B*
Howdy Jewels, just passing through...
Camille said…
oh, it sounds like it would be so lovely to hang out with you and maria...

missing you... I'll have to plan out a visit since you won't be coming here for a long while.


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