Finger Woven Pearl Necklace

I'm sure there are as many finger weaving as there are beading techniques. I'd done knotwork in high school, you know, those cute little friendship bracelets made with embroidery floss? I still have one kicking around somewhere, and it's still in good condition. Even then, I wasn't one for finishing my pieces to my wrist, like some did. ("Legend" has it, that you would keep wearing it until it fell apart, and that signified the durability of your friendship, LOL!) I preferred to finish mine with a nice loop on one end, and braids on the other, so that I could remove it for safekeeping.

I've seen some fantastic finger weaving examples on the net, but some of my favorites can be found at Robin's blog. I've always loved knotwork, and macramé, and so I wanted to try my hand at finger weaving. I've done a few already, but didn't photograph them before gifting them. However, I think I might keep this one for myself. Well, unless someone near and dear to me claims it. LOL! It's a simple piece. I wanted to use my freshwater pearls, and see if I couldn't design a "Hippie" pearl necklace.

See, I have some friends that are more into the Hippie Chique Clique, and wouldn't wear a conventional pearl necklace, and I tried to design something for that crowd. You get the softness of the thread, and the glimmer of the pearls, best of both worlds!

I didn't use conventional finger weaving thread for this piece. Wait, is there a 'conventional' thread for finger weaving? Well, in any case, the holes of the pearls being as small as they are, I couldn't get the Clon through, and I didn't have the right color Conso kicking around either, so I went for my favorite crocheting thread: Coats Button thread! LOL! It ate up the thread rather quickly, and it felt like I was weaving FOREVER! But I think it was worth it in the end.A simple button loop closure, with a large coin pearl as the clasp bead. I'm quite new to this technique, so was a bit at a loss with all the extra threads that wouldn't go through the very small hole in the coin pearl, even after reaming it for about 45 minutes! (I think I might cave and invest in a Dremel tool) So, being the queen of improvisation, well, I improvised... ;)

I think I'll use the same pearls for the next one, but with a light, sage green thread instead.


beadbabe49 said…
It's lovely, jewels! And can I ask where you get your french beading magazines?
Jewels said…
Thanks Bobbi!

Of course! I get them whenever I go to Québec. Can't say I've ever seen them anywhere else, since it is the French Province.
My favorite is called "Perles et Créations" (Beads and Creations), and hails from France, but they don't have a site. An other one from France is called "Miss Perle", but I think that this last one caters more to beginners or young beaders.
Lots and lots of Swarovski work! Barely anything else. And the diagrams are so good, that they'd be easy to follow even for a person who knew no French at all.

Maybe I should do a post on them. Hmm, thanks Bobbi, you just gave me an idea for an upcoming post! ;)

Oh, and NEAT AVATAR!!!
Sarebear said…
I love it! It IS more casual (in a good way) than a more . . . formal pearl necklace. I love it!
Hey there. We have a mutual friend (Scott, the glass blower). He's told me a lot about your blog. You have some wonderful pieces!
I weave my middle finger in front of Mrs. Phos's face sometimes, does that count?
TanyaMcGuire said…
very nice my dear. Can not find your email address but am way tired my tent came from Sam's club :-)
Jewels said…
Hello Sara, thank you!I wore it all day yesterday, and had at least 3 nubile shop keepers as me where I'd gotten it, and that it would be perfect for [_______], LOL! Mission accomplished I guess, eh? ;)
Jewels said…
Bonjour Bianca, and welcome. Thank you.
...Oh, I hope I win that shell!... LOL! ;)

Your work is beautiful, I'll be visiting often! Thanks for stopping by
Jewels said…
Mr. Phos, I'm surprised Mrs. Phos hasn't ripped that finger off your hand yet... ;) At least that's what would happen if hubby did that to Moi... Bad Phos. Bad, bad Phosie! :p
Jewels said…
Thank you Tanya.

Ooh, that's too bad, we don't have a Sam's Club up here. Oh well, I'm sure I could find something similar at Home Depot or something... ;)

I so loved your setup!
I keep waiting for a picture of the Orange macramé owl you talked about.
jin said…
Oh Oh Oh!!!!

COOOOOOL 'hippy-like' pearl necklace!

I love all the thread showing everywhere!!!


jinny would wear me one for when I visit, ok?!!?

Jewels said…
Phos, I'm afraid that the giant orange owl has gone the way of macramé heaven, LOL! No one seems to know what's become of it. But I will photograph the smaller version when I visit dad this summer. I will, I will. Yup! Yup! Yup!
Jewels said…
Hallo Miz Jin!
Okay, I'll save you one. But seeing as this is a choker style, you'll have to secretly send me your measurements (wouldn't want to choke the bestest darn Pattissière in the World, now, would we?) And a preference in thread color too.

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