New Head Gear...

What a funny title, eh? LOL!
Well, I thought I'd share a few photos of my newest acquisitions with you. These are the satellite dish size earrings I was telling you about. I know, Phos, I know: These should help me get a few extra channels! LOL!!!

I love them! But, found out I shouldn't wear them out on a super windy day: OUCH! One slapped me right in the face, the other twisted my earlobe back in a way an earlobe should not be twisted... Yeah, I'm laughing at myself too. Tea, sure hope you weren't having a drink when you read that! ;)

Ze Earrings, Dahlin-gs!

And here I am with the necklace I was telling you about. 'Cept I won't be wearing it as a necklace. Of course not! LOL! I'm converting it to a headdress. I think it looks really neat like this. Now I want to design myself a nice little outfit, but I think I'll need some sewing lessons first. I've had my beloved Nana's old Singer machine sitting in a closet since she passed. It's in dire need of a tuneup, but I think it would be fantastic to learn to work it, and feel her energy. She used to make clothes for me with that machine. Then my own mother used it. I'd love to operate it myself.

I think I'd start with something real simple. Like some Harem pants. And some nice little hip scarves. Any suggestions?


MeHereNow said…
Hi its me you're friendly stalker from the UK! Remember me? You thought (ok hoped!) I'd disappeared forever right - but haha no-no I'm back!
Anyway getting to the point (!) its going to take a while to back-read (is that actually a word? probably not!)everything from the last 6 months but thought I'd say hi!
Earings? hmm not too sure yet - but you look fab - all tanned and happy - any hints on how to get the happy look its been missing from my life for the afore mentioned 6 months!! :-(
MeHereNow said…
ohh I'm back.I did the bead thingy at the bottom and I'm a..... Silverlined Rainbow Sparkly Bead that a good thing or a bad thing?!?
I think it's going to look super as a headdress.
jin said…
Fantastic shots AGAIN!!!

Heehee! I do LOVE the 'satellite dishes'!
They suit you!!!
As does the 'head gear'!!!
Jewels said…
Wow! MHN: Where have you BEEN????? It's been like, forever! Are you alright?

Oh, no! lack of happiness is not good. NOT good at all, that simply won't do. You need a healthy dose of laughter, sunlight, and sex. S.T.A.T.! (sex may be substituted for chocolate...) LOL!

Glad to see you back.
Jewels said…
Thank you Bianca. I need one of those head forms to work on, you know, one of those white styrofoam wig holders? lol! I need it to tack the piece on while I work. Can't see myself tacking anything to my own scalp! LOLOL!!!
Jewels said…
LOL Jin! Yup, satellite dish earrings suit me. Strange, isn't it? LOL!
Looks like someone rubbed a magic lamp and out you popped!!

Drill holes in the earrings to let the air go through...
Congrats on the win!!!
I'm down with hip scarves, sounds interesting...
Jewels said…
LOL Phos! U're a riot!

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