The frustration is killing me!

I either need to have a good cry, or a stiff drink!

This is just too much, and in my current state of emotions, I'm not sure I can prevent an episode of going totally POSTAL!

My package is being held by CUSTOMS. I don't know why, and I don't care. All I know is that I've done everything they've asked me except jump through a flaming hoop, I've applied for every necessary number available to allow me to import/export goods from different countries; I've submitted everything that was asked of me. I was told Wednesday that after giving them my information, I would receive my parcel by the end of the business day Thursday. More frustration ensued, when it was discovered that I needed the I/E #, which delayed my package until today. Now, this morning, I look into the parcel progress, and find that CUSTOMS is STILL holding it! I call, and the lady tells me she's not sure WHY they're holding it, but that this could delay it until Monday! She offered to "ask for customs to put a rush on it, and hope that it won't ruffle their feathers", or "arrange to pick up the package at the plant myself" (I live a good hour away, and I don't have a car of my own, so THAT'S not gonna happen!)
I've put 3 days on friggin' hold for this now, and I'm starting to get mighty CRANKY!

To top it all off, I've been working like a mad woman on my website since last week. I had (yes, HAD) 80 items loaded, everything was beautifully organized, I just needed to make a few changes to the disclaimer, and was this close to publishing the site. Then, last night, after I finished resizing 24 photos of new bracelets and uploading them, the program fizzled; wouldn't show the items that had just been uploaded, and then systematically started hiccuping, and one at a time, all of my categories went missing. I lost ALL OF MY ITEMS! All gone! Complete do-over. The design of the site and templates are working just fine, I just can't upload items.
I mean, what's the point of having this stupid site if I can't upload my items to it? I'm so frustrated right now, I just want to cry. Prickly hot, streaming tears, to wash it all away.

I need a cigarette!


Not Ashley said…
serenity now, serenity now, serenity now
MeHereNow said…

If I lived near you I'd drive you the hour to get there I promise - that doesn't help does it? Sorry :-(

Isn't there ANYONE reliable who can take you to get it? - I bet there isn't I HATE PEOPLE!! Present company excepted of course!

You know customs are only keeping it coz they're jealous of your talents and don't want you to be a MASSIVE success - which you WILL be once the damned website behaves itself - OMG that's probably down to them too - not that I believe in CONSPIRACY THEORIES or anything!! Hang in there girl it'll ALL be worth it when it comes together and it WILL come together - I promise! XX
Customs takes a long time - they have to go through everything to see if there is anything they want. All I can remember is the Canuck bastards took all my fireworks when I crossed the border - hope they enjoyed them!!

Happy Canada Day at any rate!!
Ace said…
First step to World Domination: Clearing the red tape.

Hang in there, darlin', it'll all get better soon. I think.

Looking forward to the new site, whenever it's up.
Stiff What??
Dino aka Katy said…
oh how annoying. I hope you get it today
Jewels said…

Thanks M!
Jewels said…
Dawn, thank you so much. It's nice to know that there are friends like you who care!

*I think I can - I think I can - I think I can - I think I can - I think I can - I think I can - * ;)

Oh, and I WILL reach massive success, you just watch! LOL!
Jewels said…
Awwww, Phos, I'm sorry they took your toys hon...

Thanks for the good wishes! So far so good.

Eric, I'm hoping the new site's up this week. I've yet to hear from IT support about the last issue with the uploading of my items, but now that I know how to work with it without using the 'ready-made' uploader, I think I might be able to manage much more efficiently.

*grumbles... damn red tape...*
Jewels said…
A stiff DRINK, you dirty old man! :P

Now get your mind out of my gutter! LOL!

Katy, nope, not today, today was a statutory holiday, and as we all know, nobody works on a statutory holiday, right? ;)

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll get it, tomorrow.... fingers crossed!
jin said…
WOW! So I didn't comment here either??? Where have I been? Oh, that's right...hell! :-S lol...I think I'm back tho *fingers crossed* and by now do you have all this sorted out? *HOPING*

Wednesday is a holiday here and I think I may even have the WHOLE day off! OMG! It's been weeks since I had a day off. Akshully...I may have half of today off as well.


Wanna come with?
MeHereNow said…
Well? Did it arrive yet?
Are the tears still prickly?
Jewels said…
U'n Me on the beach? We'd cause accidents! ;)


Phos, no, they're not. They're happy tears now! ;)
LJ said…
Jewels - you know that glass beads and natural stones are DUTY FREE??? Not in the NAFTA agreements? At least from the states. I was staggered to learn this from Customs and Revenue Canada. I wonder what in hell went on to hold your treasures up???
Jewels said…
What about their origin? 'Cause they initially came from China... I wonder too. It was all about business & tax #s I was told... Well, I've got all of those now, so, if they try that again with me next time, I'll have a right Hairy Canary!

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