New Lariat

Just finished this piece a few days ago. Well, the rope was done about 3 weeks ago, but I didn't know how to finish the ends. Then I found these cute little hearts in my existing bead stash.

It's dawned on me that I keep buying more, and more, and more beads (yeah, that's right, I'm a hoarder!), and I've got all these beads already. So many in fact, that I'll go on these little wild goose chases for one particular bead, and wind up finding a whole slew of beads I'd forgotten I already had....
So, I think that for the next little while, I'll stick to buying findings and finishing materials, and try to use whatever beads I've already got. Well, right after I go to John Bead next weekend for that HUGE warehouse inventory clearance sale, 'cause I can't pass THAT up...

Starry Hearts.
Love how my photos are turning out in the light box. But now I'm getting picky as far as the backdrop goes. Not sure I like this fabric (that came with the box). I like that it's bare, and doesn't take attention away from the pieces, but I'm not sure I like the 'weaving' of the fabric. I'm thinking of getting a large slab of granite or marble or something. That might look nice.


Sarebear said…
OOOOO this is amazing! I've heard the slab of granite or whatnot, a dark one from Home Depot (somewhere on a make your own photography box/lightbox site or post, they mention a slab in particular from Home De3pot that's excellent.
Oh my, I love those hearts with the stars! That makes it just the best. And congratulations on winning the contest!
Not Ashley said…
The hearts are very cute, and look great with the rope.

LOL at your bead hoarder comment.

I agree with you about the's OK at a distance, but close up the weaving is distracting.
jin said…
Ah! M beat me to what I was going to say about the fabric...I SO have to hang out with you 2 some day!!!

I do LOVE the nacklace tho...the hearts on the end really dress it up perfectly!!!
Jewels said…
Thank you Sara. Yeah, looks like I might have to save up to buy one of those! lol! I'm this close to using my marble cutting board! LMBO! ;)

Hello Bianca;
They are cute, aren't they? And thanks. I can't believe I did win it. I guess it was all in the conviction... LOL!
Jewels said…
lol! N.A.:
I know you understand that hoarding gene, Miz Pack Rat! ;)

Bonjour Jinny!
Be forewarned: If you come visit us, we might never let you LEAVE!!! LOL! ;)
Miss you!
MeHereNow said…
I love this its really pretty. You've done it again you clever girl you!!
Rachel said…
Love the lariat. Those hearts are so pretty, they just finish that wonderful lariat off perfectly. Nice work!
LJ said…
This a cool summer jewel, jewels! I adore your ropes.
And umm...good luck with the not buying new supplies and using the ones you've got. Me too. (Insert hysterical laughter here.)
Jewels said…
I'm a clever Gi-irl! I'm a clever Gi-irl! ;) LOL!
Thank you MHN!

Hello Rachel, thank you!
I do love those little starry hearts. I've got a big stash of them, like, 150! LOL! ... Yeah, back to that not buying anything more for a while idea.... *blush* ;)

Thank you Linda.
Yes, I know, you and me both eh? What IS it with artists who just feel the need to constantly hoard more and more and more....
One bead at a time, we will RULE THE WORLD!!! LMBO!
MeHereNow said…
OK everything I have ever said about you is a LIE! You're mean and nasty and just plain horrible!!!

Shall I explain how I came to this conclusion....? OK I will.....I wandered over to your web-site thingy (the shop one!) well that is what we stalkers do we follow you around - don't look so surprised!! Anyway back to the point (!) I do have one honest!! Anyway,I fell in love (seriously wanted to pay you with money and everything!) with "Starry Starry Night" only to find ITS NOT FOR SALE!!!!

Me seriously upset now - so I'm going over to jin's to "virtually" stuff my face with chocolate!!!
Jewels said…
I'm so sorry MHN! I do however offer custom work. If you really, REALLY like it, I will make you one 'similar' to it. I swear, I can! ;)

The only reason that girl isn't for sale, is because the beautiful beaded beads on the ends were Published in a beading book, and I'm very proud of my girls, so I'll keep them. LOL!

Email me if ur serious. The new site will be up within DAYS!
jin said…
lol at meherenow! :-D

New website up within days????
For REAL??????
Jewels said…
TOTALLY for real!

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Goddess, I HATE the waiting game! LOL!

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