I went to a Hafla Sunday night. A Hafla is great way for a "bunch of women to get together to eat, dance and be merry!" I was invited to come and sell some of my wares, and share in the festivities with all the other belly dancing ladies, and it was a BLAST!
There were only 4 of us vendors in attendance, and I was the only one selling jewellery. Well, there was one other girl selling jewels, but they were of the Middle Eastern variety, and so not pieces you would readily wear on a daily basis. More pieces that you'd wear to accessorize a belly dancing outfit. I've attended these Haflas before, and didn't find them too lucrative in the past, but thought it was still a great way to get my name out there nonetheless.
Well, I did incredibly well, considering I was not expected to be there. (as in the organizer pretty much always forgets to mention that I'll be there in the flyers...). But I made sure to let her know that I'd be very interested in coming to the next one, and to let all of her guests know that I'd be there.

I made sure to bring a lot of my "B&B" pieces (bread'n butter), but also brought a lot of my higher end stuff, just to show off. Boy, were the pearl ropes a HIT! More than one girl kept coming back to check them out, fondling them, ooing, and aaahing over them. I encourage touching where my pieces are concerned. Sometimes, that's the cincher in a sale. Makes it harder for someone to put down a piece they're lusting after without purchasing it. Sly Vixen I am... ;)

Earrings and bracelets were the objects of desire this time, and luckily, I'd brought more than enough! Made a few connections, exchanged informations with quite a few folks, and realized that I really, REALLY need to get some business cards done. I usually make my own, as I am then sure I'll get exactly what I want, but what with our printer having been on the fritz for a few months now, well, I'll just have to make due with some store-bought ones... LOL!
I even got to do some bartering with the other vendors. Honestly, that's my favorite part of participating in these kinds of shows. I don't see anything wrong with trading with another vendor if we both have something the other wants.
I got myself two lovely hip scarves, a fantastic pair of disc earrings, and a beautiful necklace with a crescent moon pendant. Of course, the pendant will very soon be moved to a headdress, as will the earrings. Well, the earrings might also find permanent residence on a hip belt, I haven't decided that one yet, one thing's for sure, they're WAY too big to wear as earrings. For me anyway: When inserted, the discs actually graze past my SHOULDERS! LOL!

Well, I certainly hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I did. I ate, danced, and was Merry to my little heart's content.


Dino aka Katy said…
cool looks like you did well. As for business cards check out Vista Print you design your own or modify on of theirs and pay $5 that is how I get mine for the au pair business. We used them for save the date magnets for the wedding and even thank you cards. They are very easy to use and cheap - but great quality
Jewels said…
Well, that would be a great idea! Are they good quality? 'Cause I have very specific ideas for what I want.
I'll check them out. Thanks for the link Katy!

Oh, and I DID, I DID, I DID have a great time! Lots of moving and shaking going on! ;)
cinderelly said…
i agree with dino about the vistaprint...i am in the process of getting more from there 'cause mine are all the wrong info now. but i am having issues with decisions...too many cute ones to choose! jewels you are smart to let people touch and try on...i have a bracelet that i got several years ago in mexico...the vendor saw my indecision, and snapped it onto my wrist. after that, it was mine and i had to have it! i only take it off at night now!
Jewels said…
Hi Cinder! I'll check it out, but like I said, I'm very particular. I was trying to convince hubby to spring for a brand new printer, so I could make my own like last time. THEN I'm SURE I'll get what I want.

Hee! Heee! Great minds think alike, I see. ;) Well, I used to be shy about sales and shows, but they've sort of grown on me by now. The problem at my table these days is that folks can't decide between two pieces, that's when I step in and make them try them on and such. I've got a lot of mirrors on my table! LOL! ;)

I bet you love that bracelet, don't you? Oh, cinder, could you point me in the direction of some easy peasy harem pants? Oh, and a tiered skirt? I'm dying to try my hand at those!

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