New Logo Up!

I've been working on this for a while, and with the collaboration of my, er, step-father, this is what it looks like:

If you click on the logo, it will take you to my website, which has been undergoing some extensive renovations in the last few weeks. Le Beadoir is officially bilingual!


LJ said…
Whoa Mama! Spectacular, Jewels! The logo, and the website looks fabulous.
Lovely intro page and it's a lovely fashion shot for openers. Really splendid! I'll get off my lazy butt and link to the website soon. Terrific job!
Jewels said…
Gosh, you're just gearing up to make me laugh today, ain't ya? LOL!
I'd appreciate the link. I just had to go to the site now and fix a few booboos du to a glith in my site building program... well it's all fixed now.. ;)
Thanks for stopping by!
Jewels said…
Oh well, the 'dolly' comes off on Friday... Hope all will be better by then.
Mandi said…
I was clicking thru the "bead artists who blog" and came across your blog and then checked out Le Beadoir. You are very talented and your work is amazing! Whenever I start feeling confident in my abilities, I find someone's work to re-humble me. This time it was your beautiful beaded bags and lariats. Also, my French is getting rusty, so it was fun to get a chance to use it again. Keep up the great work = )
Jewels said…
Welcome to my blog, Mandi!
I'm glad you found it. I went to yours, but couldn't find any pics of your work. I guess I'll have to keep visiting ;)

I know what you mean about feeling 'humbled' by other artists' work, I certainly feel it when I look at Laura McCabe's or Sherry Seraffini's work, but I let their work inspire me. Have you seen any of David Chatt's work. Astounding!!!!

Thanks for checking out my site, it's still in "tweaking" mode, I have a few typos in there, and it needs revising, but I'm getting there. Hope to see you again soon!
SuzyQ said…
Awesome site!
You did a great job!
Jewels said…
Thank you SuzyQ!
Thanks for stopping by.

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