Green Hearts

What can I say, I'm in love with these green Charlottes. I don't know if it's the color or the oily finish of them, or a combination of both, but I can't get enough of them! They remind me of Jade. Not jade Aventurine, but the real stuff, the dark green Jade you find in Tibet. I've yet to find a true Jade bead I can afford, but I've found some reasonnably priced Brazilian Agathe stones that came really close.

A cascade of green hearts. Why not?


jin said…
That is soooo cool!
The Lone Beader said…
Wow. Green is such an unexpected color for a heart. Very nice cascade...
Jewels said…
Thank you girlies!

Y. it is an unexpected color, but I couldn't resist them, LOL! I've got a few left over, I wonder what I'll come up with next?
aiar said…
That is incredibly beautiful. You have a great eye for design. I am filled with covetous lust!

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