John Bead, Here I come!

There was a huge summer sale at John Bead today. After inviting Kirsten last week, she finally accepted to come with last night, which left me in a crunch to find a sitter for Mimi, as children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the warehouse; it's an insurance thing, and I can't blame them. People, this is a HUUUUUUUUUGE warehouse, where they house millions of beads. Man, as a beader, you haven't lived until you've gone shopping for beads with a shopping cart. Yeah, you read that right: A SHOPPING CART!!!!
This is where you buy your seed beads by the 1/2 kilo (or more if you want to...), and you cry when you calculate how much money you've spent at your L.B.S. (local bead store), and how much you could have bought here. Granted, you need a business number, and a mandatory $1000 minimum purchase/year, but just one more visit like today, and I'm set! ;)

Here's what I got:
1/2 Kilo each in size 6/0: White/Crystal mixture, Silver-lined Dark Amethyst, Silver lined Amber mix, A/B Amber mix, and A/B green mix.

1/2 Kilo each in size 11/0: Transparent Amethyst mix, Silver-lined Red/Orange mix, Gold-lined transparent Olive Green.

1/2 Kilo of those gorgeous size 8/0 Oily finished green Charlottes (they look just like a deep colored Jade)

1/2 Kilo each of 4 mm cubes in Opaque Black, Crystal Clear, and Silver-lined Crystal (wait 'til you see what I make with THOSE!!!)

100 g. packs each of:
15 mm hearts in Dk Green, Amethyst, and White.

300 g. of gorgeous Copper Accented crystal Lantern beads.

For a grand total of 6.6 kilos ( or approximately 14.5 pounds) of BEADS!!!

Now, I realize to my non-beady readers, this might not sound like much. But the beaders out there will get it... Yeah, I'm a hoarder. My name is Jewels, and I am a Beadaholic! Yes. I purchase my beads in bulk portions. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I CAN!!!!! Mouah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! LOL!

I've already decided that the next trip will be entirely for size 13/0 Charlottes. I've been really getting into the cabochon work and embroidery lately, and I'm going to need to increase that bead stash... ;)

You know, one thing really surprised me today. I really wanted to find those size 8/0 green Charlottes mentionned above, but the place is so dissorganized, that I had to ask for assistance. Clerk # 1 didn't even KNOW what a Charlotte was... #2 showed me 2-cuts instead (Totally different from a Charlotte B.T.W.!!!!), and #3 took me down 3 full warehouse aisles before we stumbled upon the right 'kind' of bead... He showed me some light Aqua ones, I said "Yup! That's what I'm looking for, but in green..." You know what he said? He said this: "Well, if you're looking for this style/size of bead, the first 3 numbers are '666'..." and he walked off.... Oh dear! I'm so sorry I interrupted your COFFEE BREAK!!!!! I dunno. I'm such a helpful person by nature, and when I encounter this kind of behaviour, it irks me. I mean, yeah, it's a warehouse, but if your employees are going to be asses, then why not hand-select a few helpful ones for when you have a "HUGE SUMMER SALE! MOST STOCK 60% OFF! SHOWROOM SALE ONLY!!!!" Well, if the sale applies solely to custommers who will actually take the time out of their busy lives to drive all the way there ( Our total travel time was 4 hours. We met some folks who'd driven all the way in from Montreal. That's at least a 9 hour drive - each way!!!), and who'll spend large sums of Dineiro in your store, I'd think that you'd want to offer stellar service... Heck, I don't care if you just walk in off the street: I will be helpful, polite, and personnable when you come to my shop!
That said, I'm off to play with my new beads. Yay! Of course, my present skill level being limitted by this broken finger business (Doctor informed me yesterday that I'd need to start exercising it next week, so it doesn't heal all wonky like... But I'm to "take it easy and keep it immobilized for another week"...), I probably won't be able to go all out crazy, but I can certainly very carefully, very slowly, get through a few simple projects... ;)

Peace! Me!


You are absolutely justified in feeling irked by the clerks' behavior. It doesn't matter how far customers have driven, those clerks should have better work ethics. The owner should have better customer service ethics.

I hate to ask a personal question, but how much did that 14.5 pounds of beads run you?
Jewels said…
Are you sure you want to know the anser to that question? Hmmm????
My final invoice was *Jewels whispers* $225.00 (Can.) It is a bit much, but considering I used to spend that much on beads retail, this is much more worth it...
For example. Some of the Charlottes I'd been purchasing for $6/vial (25 gms). I previously bought a 1/2 Kilo of them for $30, but I calculated that if I had bought them retail, the same amount of beads would have run me OVER $160!!!! So, yeah, it might seem a bit extreme to buy my beads in such large quantities, but they do last me a long time, and this allows me to endeavour larger projects. LOL!
jin said…
I don't know all the details of that bead-y language you speak, but that sure doesn't mean I wouldn't shop at that place with you!!! Sounds like FUN!!! :-D
Jewels said…
Jin, I think we'd have a great time shopping for beads together!

Heck, we'd probably have fun shopping for baking good together! Oh, especially chocolate! Samples anyone???
MeHereNow said…
I don't know what I love about your blog the most! Its one of 3 things:
1. The items you create
2. The way you write
3. Your love for what you do

I think I love all 3 options actually!
I didn't understand the jargon either but loved that you loved it!!!
beadbabe49 said…
wow...great prices! Have you ever been to shipwreck beads in Olympia, Washington? You shop there with a cart also (!) and all the sales people are wonderful...I've never had anything less than stellar service. They also sell by the 1/2 kilo, but I have a hard time finding any single bead/color I will use that much of! I once bought a kilo each of size 11 charlottes (called "true cuts") in eggshell and black, thinking I would use them with nailheads...and I have....but it's taken about 8 years to get through 1/2 kilo of each of them! (and I still have the other half kilo to get through!)
oh...and I'm amazed that you're beading with a broken are truly a card carrying member of beadholics-are-us!
Jewels said…
M.H.N. - Thank you!!! What nice compliments! *blush*

B.B. - You'd be surprised how fast this girl can get through a 1/2 kilo of beads. Plus, I being an active member of our local bead society, I get to bring some 'extras' at our market table once a month. I make a little extra cash, and the ladies get to buy beads at a fraction of the costs they pay in the L.B.S.s... Win/Win! ;)

I WISH I could go to Shipwreck! I see their add in the bead mags all the time, and I'd just faint if I knew I could go there!!! LOL!

As for the broken digit: Beading is my way of exercising it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! LMBO!!!
Thanks for stopping by. (can't wait to see what U make with those beads)
Mandi said…
Despite the horrible customer service, I'm jealous that there is a store with such a great selection so close to you. My local LBS is small, expensive, and its the only one = ( I only shop online, and so color matching can be a problem sometimes. I'll get to Shipwreck one of these days, hehe.
MeHereNow said…
OMG I'vr freaked myself out!
I just went on John Bead's website and searched "Charlotte"!There's loads of them - anyway I digress!I have no idea why I did that - sorry!!LOL
Jewels said…
ROTF LMBO!!!!! K. You are officially part of my 'quirky' blog buddies!!! ;) *You're NOT alone!!!!!* LOL!!!
Actually, those prices don't sound bad at all. Wish I had some place like that here!
LJ said…
Ahhh. John Bead. I've been buying from them for over 30 years and still have BAGS of seedbeads & misc.
Going to the store, in person, is almost sure to bring one to the brink of bankruptcy! But what a way to go!
Jewels said…
LJ, it IS fun to go there, but incredibly overwhelming. No matter how good my intentions are of following a prepared list are, I always get way more than I intended to get in the first place... Of course, I can justify the purchase by telling hubby that these are nowhere to be found in our L.B.S.s, and therefore, I'll be the only one selling them, LOLOL!!!
The Lone Beader said…
I need to go bead shopping:)
Jewels said…
Me too!!! LOL!!!
Vintage Wine said…
Hi! I love your blog & I hope you don`t mind that I`ve made a reference to it in a post :-)
Leah said…
I have a question --
what do you think are the ethics of being a bead instructor at multiple stores, i.e. during evening times? Any comments/opinions would be very helpful.

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